AGA is the premier association for advancing government accountability.


AGA fosters learning, certification, leadership and collaboration for professionals and stakeholders committed to advancing government accountability.

Core Values

Service, Accountability, Integrity, Leadership

Strategic Goals

MEMBER VALUE: AGA maximizes member value through an effective and efficient organization.
  • Support and enable the viability of regions and chapters and their activities
  • Ensure clear and open communication with all stakeholders
  • Align members, leadership and staff roles and responsibilities to drive AGA progress and success
  • Continuously invest in human capital and infrastructure to enhance operational efficiencies and customer service
EMPOWERMENT: AGA educates and empowers professionals to advance government accountability
  • Maintain and enhance AGA’s responsiveness to current and emerging educational needs by delivering timely and relevant content
  • Promote professionalism to enhance and expand an individual’s capabilities and performance
  • Promote government accountability as a profession and career
CERTIFICATION: AGA enhances government accountability by advancing the Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM®) as the preferred professional designation
  • Promote public awareness and confidence in the integrity, competence and professionalism of CGFMs    
  • Advance the relevance and value of the CGFM designation in the government accountability community
  • Maintain certification competency through mandatory continuing professional education and strict adherence to AGA’s Code of Ethics
THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: AGA is the thought leader and catalyst for change for government financial management
  • Identify, monitor, assess and influence emerging issues
  • Enhance research to produce timely, valuable content for key stakeholders
  • Cultivate knowledge and disseminate effective practices across disciplines
  • and levels of government
  • Provide valued input on standards and to policy-makers
COLLABORATION: AGA provides forums for collaboration among diverse disciplines, sectors and levels of government
  • Attract and retain a diverse membership
  • Expand and enhance professional development, leadership and networking
  • Attract individuals from a wide variety of disciplines and work environments to participate in AGA activities
  • Facilitate a neutral platform for dialogue and collaboration