AGA National Presidents 1950–Present

James "Jim" R. Arnette, Jr., CGFM, CISA
Douglas A. Glenn, CPA
Theme: Leadership Through Transition
Homan-headshot-tighter-072815.JPG 2015–2016
John Homan, MBA, CGFM, CPA, CGMA
Theme: Celebrating the Government Workforce
billmiller_100.jpg 2014–2015
William D. Miller, CGFM, CIA
Theme: Opportunity
Robert W. King Award 2017
mary_peterman.jpg 2013–2014
Mary E. Peterman, CGFM, CPA

Theme: Connect
Robert W. King Award 2016

ebrown.gif 2012–2013
Evelyn A. Brown, CGFM-Retired
Theme: Education, Experience, Examination and Ethics—A Path to Success
Robert W. King Award 2015
Bunce.gif 2011–2012
Richard O. Bunce Jr., CGFM, CPA

Theme: Be The One
Robert W. King Award 2014

casias.jpg 2010–2011
Lisa Casias, CPA

Theme: Embrace Change
Robert W. King Award 2013

bmorehead.jpg 2009–2010
William A. Morehead, Ph.D., CGFM, CPA

Theme: Think Big! Act Courageously! Make a Difference!
Robert W. King Award 2012

mok.jpg 2008–2009
Samuel T. Mok, CGFM, CIA

Robert W. King Award 2011

rfair.jpg 2007–2008
Richard L. Fair, CGFM, CPA

Theme: AGA: Promoting Intergovernmental Cooperation

jhart.jpg 2006–2007
Jeffrey S. Hart, CGFM, CIA

Theme: Creating Exceptional Value for Government Accountability Professionals
Robert W. King Award 2009

mccall.jpg 2005–2006
Sam M. McCall, CGFM

Theme: Accountability Reporting with a Citizen Focus
Robert W. King Award 2008

derrick.jpg 2004–2005
Bobby A. Derrick, MBA, CGFM

Theme: Leadership for the Future – Make a Difference

renthrope.jpg 2003–2004
Jullin Renthrope, CGFM

Theme: AGA - Taking Accountability to the Next Level
Robert W. King Award 2007

anderson.jpg 2002–2003
William J. Anderson Jr., CGFM-Retired

Theme: AGA - The Organization for Accountability Professionals
Robert W. King Award 2005

norment.jpg 2001–2002
Richard V. Norment, CGFM, CIA

Theme: Lead to Succeed
Robert W. King Award 2004

broadus.jpg 2000–2001
WA “Bill” Broadus Jr., CGFM

Theme: Advancing Government Accountability in the New Millennium
Robert W. King Award 2003

Sadowski.jpg 1999–2000
Thomas J. Sadowski, CGFM-Retired, CPA**

Theme: Serving the Government Finance Profession
Robert W. King Award 2002

Roslewicz.jpg 1998–1999
Thomas D. Roslewicz, CGFM-Retired

Theme: Dare to Be Bold

Haywood.jpg 1997–1998
Douglas K. Haywood, CGFM*

Theme: Ensuring Compliance and Public Accountability—An Advocate for the Profession
Robert W. King Award 2010 (posthumously)

Laine.jpg 1996–1997
Mitch Laine, CGFM

Theme: Success in a Changing Environment

Brizendine.jpg 1995–1996
Virginia S. Brizendine, CGFM

Theme: Leader—Catalyst—Innovator
Robert W. King Award 1998

McShan.jpg 1994–1995
Clyde G. McShan II, CGFM

Theme: Leading the Way to Excellence in Government Financial Management
Robert W. King Award 1997

Steinhoff.jpg 1993–1994
Jeffrey C. Steinhoff, CGFM, CPA, CIA

Theme: Leading the Way to Excellence in Government Financial Management
Robert W. King Award 1996

Harrison.jpg 1992–1993
Charles L. Harrison, CGFM-Retired

Theme: Federal, State & Local Government—A Partnership in Total Financial Management
Robert W. King Award 1995

Jeffcoat.jpg 1991–1992
Clyde E. Jeffcoat, CGFM-Retired, CPA, CIA
Kusserow.jpg 1990–1991
Richard P. Kusserow, CGFM
Robert W. King Award 1993
Robinson.jpg 1989–1990
Virginia B. Robinson, CGFM
Robert W. King Award 1992
Williams.jpg 1988–1989
Meredith C. Williams

Theme: Serving the Public: New Dimensions in Financial Management
Robert W. King Award 1994

Kirkendall.jpg 1987–1988
Donald C. Kirkendall
Fawsett.jpg 1986–1987
John W. Fawsett, CGFM
Brown-(1).jpg 1985–1986
June Gibbs Brown, CGFM-Retired


Stugart.jpg 1984–1985
Harold L. Stugart
Robert W. King Award 1987
Uyeda.jpg 1983–1984
Susumu Uyeda, CGFM *
Robert W. King Award 1986
heim.jpg 1982–1983
Frederic A. Heim
Clark.jpg 1981–1982
Eleanor M. Clark, CGFM *
Neuman.jpg 1980–1981
Frederick A. Neuman
Sato.jpg 1979–1980
Frank S. Sato, CPA
Robert W. King Award 1981
Schoenhaut.jpg 1978–1979
Arthur Schoenhaut *
Robert W. King Award 1980
Murphy.jpg 1977–1978
Gerald Murphy, CGFM-Retired
Scantlebury.jpg 1976–1977
Donald Scantlebury *
Robert W. King Award 1982
Peratino.jpg 1975–1976
Chris S. Peratino *
Robert W. King Award 1979
Cooley.jpg 1974–1975
John W. Cooley, CGFM-Retired
Robert W. King Award 1985
Levine.jpg 1973–1974
Harry Levine *
Litke.jpg 1972–1973
Arthur L. Litke, CGFM *
Robert W. King Award 1975
Bauermash.jpg 1971–1972
Sidney Baurmash *
Robert W. King Award 1974
Morse.jpg 1970–1971
Ellsworth H. Morse Jr. *
Robert W. King Award 1978
Lynn.jpg 1960–1969
Bernard B. Lynn *
Robert W. King Award 1977
Cutler.jpg 1968–1969
Nathan Cutler, CGFM *
Penick.jpg 1967–1968
George Penick *
Lutz.jpg 1966–1967
W. Fletcher Lutz
Robert W. King Award 1970
DNeuman.jpg 1965–1966
David Neuman, CGFM-Retired
Robert W. King Award 1972
Thompson.jpg 1964–1965
James L. Thompson Jr. *
Hock.jpg 1963–1964
Joseph R. Hock *
Bacon.jpg 1962–1963
Donald W. Bacon *
Robert W. King Award 1971
Robbins.jpg 1961–1962
James A. Robbins *
Einhorn.jpg 1960–1961
Raymond Einhorn, CGFM *
Acker.jpg 1959–1960
Laurence A. Acker *
Trainor.jpg 1958–1959
Harry J. Trainor *
Newman.jpg 1957–1958
William A. Newman Jr. *
King.jpg 1956–1957
Robert W. King *
Brassfield.jpg 1955–1956
Karney A. Brasfield *
Robert W. King Award 1967
Trainor-(1).jpg 1954–1955
Harry J. Trainor *
Barr.jpg 1953–1954
Andrew Barr *
Robert W. King Award 1968
Gary.jpg 1952–1953
T. Jack Gary Jr., CGFM *
Robert W. King Award 1976
Frese.jpg 1951–1952
Walter F. Frese *
Robert W. King Award 1969
King-(1).jpg 1950–1951
Robert W. King *

* Deceased

**Also a Past National Treasurer