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2208 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301-1314
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Staff Contacts:

Director of Finance & Administration
ext. 304
Director of Meetings and Expositions
ext. 310
Chapter Services Manager
ext. 317
Meetings and Education Coordinator
ext. 324
Field Representative
Programs Assistant
ext. 307
Chief Executive Officer
ext. 312
Chief Operating Officer
ext. 314
Executive Assistant/Governance Manager
ext. 321
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
ext. 308
CGFM and Education Programs Manager
ext. 303
Meetings and CEAR Program Manager
ext. 322
Marketing & Graphics Manager
ext. 318
Membership Manager
ext. 306
Director of Information Technology
ext. 302
Certification Candidate Coordinator
ext. 320
CGFM Retention Manager
ext. 316
Customer Service Rep./Programs Assistant
ext. 301
Director of Professional Certification
ext. 305