Why does AGA need a structural change?

Our structure was developed decades ago when AGA was much smaller and before the technological advances of today. Our chapters report they are not getting the information and support they need and they want their voice to be heard. Our Board of Directors does not operate productively or strategically. Our challenges:

  • Multi-level 1950’s structure does not work today 
  • Simpler structure needed for communication flow
  • 40% of chapters identified as needing help; membership not growing
  • Volunteers over-extended and have less time & employer support
  • Most members/leaders go directly to staff for info
  • Chapter Presidents don’t need two roles! (chapter and national level leadership)
  • Average Non-Profit Board Size: 13; AGA’s Board size: 202
  • Of 202 Board members, 126 are voting members:
    • Less than ½ of voters attend NBD meetings
    • In 2017: 37% of voters didn’t vote; 30% of voters were proxies
    • Nearly ¼ of members were unaware that they were NBD members
    • At least 100 voting members are brand new to the board each year and serve a one-year term
  • The Board meets only once a year for 2 hours; it is impractical to make decisions or strategically guide the organization in that time