National Governing Board

The National Governing Board (NGB), is the organization's decision-making authority, and per AGA bylaws, sets strategic direction, determines policies and procedures, and approves the annual budget for AGA. The NGB has seventeen members, consisting of:

  • National President
  • National Treasurer
  • Eight Directors for Chapters
  • Chair of the Professional Certification Board
  • CEO (without vote)
  • National President-Elect
  • National Treasurer-Elect
  • Two Directors at Large
  • Chair of the Corporate Partner Advisory Group

NGB Roster, 2021–2022 Program Year

Gerry Boaz
National President
Gerry Boaz, CGFM, CPA, CGMA
Technical Manager
State of TN Comptroller of the Treasury Division of State Audit
Nashville Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Melinda Miguel
National President-Elect
Melinda M. Miguel, PMP, CIG
Chief Inspector General
State of Florida, Executive Office of the Governor
Tallahassee Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Doreen Shute
National Treasurer
Doreen S. Shute, CGFM, CPA
Managing Principal Federal Government Solutions
Montgomery/P.G. Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Eric Berman
National Treasurer-Elect
Eric S. Berman, MSA, CPA, CGMA
Eide Bailly LLP
Boston Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Niclas Hales
Director (for Chapters Area 1)
Niclas Hales, CGFM, CPA
Chief Accountant
West Valley City
Northern Utah Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Misty Schuck
Director (for Chapters Area 2)
Misty L. Schuck, CGFM, CFE, CGMA, CPA
Burt & Company CPAs LLC
New Mexico Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2023
Melinda DeCorte
Director (for Chapters Area 3)
Melinda J. DeCorte, CGFM, CPA
Cotton & Company LLP
Dallas Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Tiffani Dorsa
Director (for Chapters Area 4)
Tiffani M. Dorsa, CPA
Audit Director
Postlethwaite & Netterville
Baton Rouge Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2023
Benjamin Thayer
Director (for Chapters Area 5)
Benjamin S. Thayer
Supervisory Accountant
Greater Columbus Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Angela McElrath-Prosser
Director (for Chapters Area 6)
Angela G. McElrath-Prosser
Finance Manager
Nashville Public Library
Nashville Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2023
Shelly Taleporos
Director (for Chapters Area 7)
Shelly Ann Taleporos
Director of Internal Audit
NYS Department of State
New York Capital Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Johnny Ramsey
Director (for Chapters Area 8)
Johnny E. Ramsey, CGFM, CPA, CISA, CGM
Senior Manager
Baltimore Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2023
Suzanne Bump
Director (At-Large)
Suzanne M. Bump
Auditor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Boston Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2023
Lynn Moaney
Director (At-Large)
Lynn M. Moaney
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Washington DC Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
David Fitz
Corporate Partner Advisory Group Chair
David A. Fitz, CGFM, CPA, PMP
Washington DC Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2023
Elena Tercero
Professional Certification Board Chair
Elena M. Tercero, CGFM, CPA, CGMA
Audit Manager
NM Office of the State Auditor
New Mexico Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Ann Ebberts
CEO (without vote)
Ann M. Ebberts, M.S., PMP
Washington DC Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
David LeBlanc
NGB Parliamentarian
David A. LeBlanc, CGFM, CFS
Boston Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022