National Governing Board

The National Governing Board (NGB), is the organization's decision-making authority, and per AGA bylaws, sets strategic direction, determines policies and procedures, and approves the annual budget for AGA. The NGB has seventeen members, consisting of:

  • National President
  • National Treasurer
  • Eight Directors for Chapters
  • Chair of the Professional Certification Board
  • CEO (without vote)
  • National President-Elect
  • National Treasurer-Elect
  • Two Directors at Large
  • Chair of the Corporate Partner Advisory Group

NGB Roster, 2020–2021 Program Year

Wendy Morton-Huddleston
National President
Wendy Morton-Huddleston, CGFM, PMP
Grant Thornton
Washington DC Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Gerry Boaz
National President-Elect
Gerry Boaz, CGFM, CPA, CGMA
Technical Manager
State of TN Comptroller of the Treasury Division of State Audit
Nashville Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Katherine Stickel
National Treasurer
Katherine J. Stickel, CGFM, CPA
TN Division of State Audit
Nashville Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Doreen Shute
National Treasurer-Elect
Doreen S. Shute, CGFM, CPA
Managing Principal Federal Government Solutions
Montgomery/P.G. Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Niclas Hales
Director (for Chapters Area 1)
Niclas Hales, CGFM, CPA
Chief Accountant
West Valley City
Northern Utah Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Donna Sandoval
Director (for Chapters Area 2)
Donna M. Sandoval, CGFM, CISA, CISM
City of Albuquerque
Albuquerque Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Melinda DeCorte
Director (for Chapters Area 3)
Melinda J. DeCorte, CGFM, CPA
Cotton & Company LLP
Dallas Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Director (for Chapters Area 4)
Patrick A. Cowen, CPA, CISA, CIA
Audit Manager
City of Tallahassee
Tallahassee Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Benjamin Thayer
Director (for Chapters Area 5)
Benjamin S. Thayer
Supervisory Accountant
Greater Columbus Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Gina Smith-Moss
Director (for Chapters Area 6)
Gina I. Smith-Moss, MSM, MBA, CICA
Deputy Chief
Shenandoah Valley Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Benton Cash
Director (for Chapters Area 7)
Benton W. Cash
Aroostook County Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Michelle Yanok
Director (for Chapters Area 8)
Michelle L. Yanok, CGFM
Program Manager
Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Mid-Ohio Valley WV Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Gloria Jarmon
Director (At-Large)
Gloria L. Jarmon, CGFM, CPA
Assistant Director/CAE
Washington DC Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Lynn Moaney
Director (At-Large)
Lynn M. Moaney
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Washington DC Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
Kevin Greer
Corporate Partner Advisory Group Chair
Kevin T. Greer, CGFM, CPA, CDFM, PMP
Vice President
CGI Federal
Northern Virginia Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Elena Tercero
Professional Certification Board Chair
Elena M. Tercero, CGFM, CPA
Audit Manager
NM Office of the State Auditor
New Mexico Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Ann Ebberts
CEO (without vote)
Ann M. Ebberts, M.S., PMP
Washington DC Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2022
David LeBlanc
NGB Parliamentarian
David A. LeBlanc, CGFM, CFS
Boston Chapter
Term Ends 6/30/2021
Staff Liaison
David C. Acerra
Executive Assistant
No Local Chapter Affiliation
Term Ends 6/30/2022