Awards Committee

I. Purpose

The Awards Committee supports the National Governing Board (NGB) in honoring AGA members and non-members for leadership and contributions to the government financial management profession and for service to the association. The committee also administers the National Academic scholarship program to grow the government financial management community and support current and future practitioners from the beginning of their careers.

II. Function and Responsibilities

The Awards Committee has three primary roles each year:

  • Select recipients of the National Leadership Awards (February)
  • Select recipients of the Professional Development Training Awards (July)
  • Select recipients of AGA National Scholarships (May)

The committee helps promote that submissions are being accepted for each program, reviews and scores all submissions, and holds conference calls to select the recipients. The committee also may make recommendations to the NGB for scholarship and award criteria and provide input to the NGB on proposed new awards and scholarships.

The purpose and criteria for all AGA awards and scholarships shall be approved by the NGB.

III. Composition

The National President shall appoint the members of the Awards Committee in consultation with the National President-Elect and the Committee Chair, with a goal of having a committee that is representative of the association membership.  Committee members must be AGA members in good standing and will serve a three-year term.  The committee will typically be 9 individuals, so that 3 members would join and rotate off each year. The National President designates, and the NGB ratifies, one member to serve as Committee Chair for a one-year term. Committee member and chair terms may be renewed once.

IV. Meetings

The Awards Committee meets three times a year by conference call to select recipients of NLT awards, PDT awards, and academic scholarships. More meetings may be held as necessary to discuss award promotion, criteria, processes, etc.

A committee member should recuse him/herself from the recipient selection of an award for which they or their chapter has made a nomination.

The deliberations of the Awards Committee are confidential.  The contents of nominations are also confidential and should not be shared, except for appropriate publicity of the winners.  The names of selected awardees are to remain confidential until the National President notifies each winner.