Bylaws and Procedures Committee

I. Purpose

The Bylaws and Procedures Committee supports the National Governing Board (NGB) in maintaining the organization’s governing documents— the National Bylaws and the Policies and Procedures Manual—as well as a Chapter Bylaws Prototype. The committee also administers the Bylaws and Policies amendment process on behalf of the NGB as needed.

II. Function and Responsibilities
  • Periodically reviews AGA's Bylaws and recommends changes to the NGB.
  • Periodically reviews the Policy and Procedures Manual and recommends changes to the NGB.
  • Reviews proposed Bylaws changes and recommends disposition to the CEO.
  • Periodically reviews the Chapter Bylaws Prototype and makes changes as needed; ensures they do not conflict with AGA's National Bylaws.
  • Reviews National Officer and CEO position descriptions when Bylaws or Policies and Procedures are amended to ensure that they remain consistent with the duties and responsibilities assigned therein and makes recommendations for changes to the NGB.
III. Composition

The National President shall appoint the members of the committee in consultation with the National President-Elect and the Committee Chair, with a goal of having a committee that is representative of the Association’s membership.  Committee members must be AGA members in good standing and will serve a three-year term.  The committee will have between six and nine members and staggered terms are encouraged. The National President designates, and the NGB ratifies, one member to serve as Committee Chair for a one-year term. Committee member and chair terms may be renewed once.

IV. Meetings

The committee meets by conference call as needed at least two times a year, and more frequently if responsibilities warrant, as decided by the chair. The committee shall act only on the affirmative vote of a majority of the members at a meeting or by unanimous consent. Minutes of these meetings are to be documented.