Council for the Advancement of Women


The AGA Council for the Advancement of Women is comprised of members who act on behalf of the association to manage gender diversity initiatives and progress. The Council will create strategic accountability for results, promote governance and oversight of gender diversity efforts and integrate gender diversity into strategy and programming.


AGA aims to create and foster a Council for the Advancement of Women that reflects and contributes to the diverse profession and association membership. We take a collective responsibility to create an association where members feel included, respected and empowered.

Gender equality commitment:
  1. Collaborate with the Leadership Development Committee to establish a pipeline to achieve gender diversity in leadership roles at the national levels such as the National Governing Board (NGB), President-Elect, Treasurer-Elect, Director at Large, and the Directors for Chapters.
  2. Collaborate with National Council for Chapters and Chapter Presidents to establish a diverse pipeline of leaders for chapter executive committees (CEC)
  3. Promote education, certification, recruitment and professional development for women
  4. Promote equality through community and service initiatives
  5. Measure and report on progress to achieve gender equality

The current National President governs the Council which is co-chaired by two members (one each from the private sector and public sector) appointed by the President and President-Elect. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) will serve as champions of the Council’s efforts.

The goal is to have a committee that is representative of the association membership. Council members must be AGA members in good standing and will serve a three-year term. The council will consist of at least nine individuals, so that three members would join and rotate off each year. Committee membership strives to be representative of the AGA member population, inclusive of federal, state, local government, academic and private sector participants.

Responsibilities of the Council:
  1. Promote and communicate gender diversity initiatives across the association membership and business community
  2. Cultivate and share knowledge on women successes and impact
  3. Offer diversity and inclusion training (e.g. unconscious bias)
  4. Collaborate with the NGB and National Council of Chapters (NCC) on diversity priorities, extending the collaboration with other like-minded associations, where appropriate
  5. Pursue gender diversity opportunities with the AGA strategic goals at the forefront (e.g. maximize member value by increasing the diversity of members)
  6. Be intentional regarding the diversity of AGA sponsored events to reflect gender balance in agenda topics and panelists
  7. Share industry research to include best practices and emerging trends
  8. Foster collaboration across sectors, industries and disciplines