Finance and Budget Committee

Overall role and responsibilities

The role of the Finance and Budget Committee (FBC) is to provide financial oversight for the organization. The FBC is responsible for recommending to the NEC and NBD financial policies, goals and budgets that support the mission and strategic goals of AGA, as well as monitoring AGA's internal control and risk management activities. The FBC also reviews AGA’s financial performance against its strategic goals and budget.

Specific reponsibilities

Budget and financial

  • Review and recommend to the NEC for approval the proposed annual operating budget and annual capital budget prepared and presented by the CEO and AGA staff.
  • Review two-year operating budgets (current year and subsequent years) that integrate strategic objectives and initiatives.
  • Assess long-term financial goals developed by the CEO.
  • Monitor the financial and program performance against approved budgets and long-term goals.
  • Review CEO’s proposed revisions to the NEC approved annual budget that will cause the pertinent category expense, as defined in Standard Practice (SP) 14, to be exceeded by more than 10 percent.
  • Review the financial aspects of new programs and services, as well as proposals to discontinue programs or services, and make action recommendation to the NEC.
  • Recommend actions to NEC to help AGA achieve its budget and other financial and program targets.


  • Maintain a list of reports noting the level of detail, frequency, deadlines and recipients of the reports.
  • Present analysis of the financial reports to the NEC.

Internal controls and accountability policies

  • Review and monitor AGA’s internal control program and management assertions.
  • Recommend improvements that help protect the assets of AGA.
  • Review and recommend policies to protect AGA and manage its exposure to financial risk.
  • Monitor corrective actions reported in AGA’s audit, internal control reviews program and management assertions.


The FBC will meet monthly or when necessary at the call of the national treasurer. Meeting dates and times should be specified a year in advance to the maximum extent practicable.


  1. The FBC should include at least nine members:
    • Elected leadership — chair (national treasurer), vice chair (national treasurer-elect) and immediate past national treasurer (PNT).
    • At-large members — at least six members who are not part of the elected leadership.
  2. The elected leaders serve for the three years of their term.
  3. The other members serve a three-year term and may be reappointed, but no member shall serve more than six consecutive appointed years.
    • Appointments are made by the treasurer subject to approval by the president.
    • FBC composition should provide balance in employer, professional background and geography so that AGA can benefit from input across the spectrum that represents our members and profession.
    • Appointments shall be staggered across the three-year cycle.

Role of the chair of the FBC

Specific duties of the chair include:

  1. Serving as the principal liaison between the committee and the NEC, and other committees as appropriate.
  2. Working with the AGA staff to set an agenda for each committee meeting.
  3. Notifying members about the meeting.
  4. Ensuring handouts and reports are prepared and sent to committee members in advance. Meeting tools include:
    • Master agenda — provides goals and objectives for the year as well as topics and issues to be addressed. The master agenda serves as a planner for individual meetings, which can include other items that come up that warrant FBC time and effort.
    • Calendar — lists all major dates and milestones such as NEC and FBC meetings, monthly and quarterly reports staff provides the FBC and the reports the treasurer and treasurer-elect provides to the NEC/NBD.
    • Member assignments — members may be asked to assess business process and related policies and procedures for effectiveness (they work) and efficiency (cost).
    • Core materials and deliverables — listed in SP 14, Financial Responsibilities.
  5. Designate the vice chair (national treasurer-elect) to assume and discharge all duties of the national treasurer in the event of inability of the treasurer to perform his/her duties.