Professional Certification Board

I. Purpose 

The Professional Certification Board (PCB) will oversee AGA’s Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM®) program. Through AGA’s Office of Professional Certification, the board carries out all aspects of the CGFM program.

II. Functions and Responsibilities

The functions and responsibilities of the PCB shall include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Establishing, maintaining and interpreting the CGFM program’s qualification standards.
  2. Overseeing the updates of CGFM examinations, including the maintenance and currency of the common body of knowledge.
  3. Establishing overall CGFM examination policies and procedures.
  4. Establishing criteria for proper degree documentation for CGFM applicants, including approval or rejection of applications where appropriate.
  5. Establishing CPE requirements and guidance.
  6. Establishing CGFM program’s policies on maintaining the designation.
  7. Reviewing and guiding policies and strategies for program growth and coordination with other AGA education and international functions.
  8. Providing input to appropriate AGA staff in the development or maintenance of the CGFM training courses and materials.

The PCB may establish an Education/Practitioner Consultant Panel to provide advice and counsel to the board on issues such as: (a) proposed changes to AGA CGFM educational products; and (b) new developments in the field that need to be addressed in future CGFM examinations. 

III. Structure of the Board

The board shall consist of nine members (including the chair and vice chair). The board members must be CGFMs. The National President will recommend to the National Governing Board (NGB) for approval individuals to be the board’s chair, vice chair and members. Board members shall be appointed for a three-year term and may be reappointed for one additional consecutive term. The chairperson and vice chair shall be appointed for a one-year term and may be reappointed for additional terms in those capacities. In addition to the nine voting members, AGA's CEO and the director of professional certification shall serve as nonvoting ex-officio members.

IV. Reference to Bylaws and/or Policy and Procedures Manual
  1. Bylaws:
    • Article V, Section 4 (i) provides that the “NGB shall review actions and programs of national boards, committees, councils and task forces. The NGB may require a national board, committee or task force to appear before it at appropriate times.”
    • Article VIII, Section 1 provides that “The National President, upon ratification by the NGB, may establish such Boards, Committees, Councils and Task Forces as may be needed to assist the National Board of Directors, the NGB and the National President in carrying out the programs and operations of the Association.” 
    • Article VIII, Section 4 provides that “The responsibilities of the Boards, and Committees and Councils shall be specified in these Bylaws and/or stated in the Policies and Procedures adopted approved by the NGB.”
    • Article V, Section 1 (a) provides the list of NGB members including “the chair of the Professional Certification Board.”
  2. AGA’s Policy and Procedures Manual:
    No specific references are made to the Professional Certification Board.