Young Professionals Focus Group (YPFG)

I. Mission

Based on a recommendation by the Early Career Task Force, the National Young Professionals Focus Group (YPFG) was established to assist AGA in appealing to generations of future leaders. The focus group serves as a resource for AGA staff and leaders. 

II. YPFG's Top Five

The YPFG looked at the benefits available to every AGA member. The group dissected each benefit to determine what the YPFG could recommend to add value for the young professional member. The YPFG identified the Top 5 Ideal YP benefits as:

  • Education: Add  complimentary member-only webinars.
  • Networking – expand social networking; create scholarships for chapters to hold specific networking events
  • Mentoring – create an online mentoring program
  • Member Benefits – institute national conference incentives to attract more YP attendees
  • Accountability – identify best practices for all areas of government: federal, state, local and tribal

Based on the YPFG Top 5, AGA is working to create programs and services to enhance young professional membership, engagement and opportunities. 

III. Serving on the YPFG

Members of the Young Professionals Focus Group will serve for renewable one-year terms. The focus group communicates via email and meets by phone on an as needed basis to discuss ongoing projects.