FY18 CEAR PAR/AFR Review Team Meetings

March 2019 | 2 CPEs | FOS: Finance (FIN)
AGA National Office | First Floor Conference Room | 2208 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria, VA  22301

The Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Reporting (CEAR) Program was established by the Association of Government Accountants in 1996, in conjunction with the Office of Management and Budget and the Chief Financial Officers Council, to further performance and accountability reporting.  Specifically, the CEAR Program:

1) reviews individual Performance and Accountability Reports (PAR) and Agency Financial Reports (AFR) and provides recommendations for improving their presentation and usefulness;

2) publicly recognizes the agencies, and particularly the individuals in the agencies that labor tirelessly to prepare exemplary reports; and

3) trains the individuals who prepare and review the reports such that they can expand their understanding of the organization and content of other agencies’ PARs and AFRs, bring this knowledge back to their own agencies, and thereby help the agencies improve their own PARs/AFRs.

Performance and accountability reporting and the CEAR Program are evolving.  It is important that agencies attempt to continuously improve their reporting.  During this training, the individuals will review a compendium of all the recommendations for the agency that the reviewers were assigned to review, using the CEAR Program Guidelines to note matters for which the PARs/AFRs can be improved because the information is unclear, inconsistent, incomplete, too verbose, etc.

Learning Objective:  Participants will learn to increase the focus on accountability, transparency, innovation, collaboration, and results of PAR/AFR reports in order to not leave readers with unanswered questions.

Speakers:  The speakers below will be assigned to each agency to lead the training.   

  • Hal Steinberg, CGFM, CPA, Technical Consultant, AGA
  • Kenneth Winter, CGFM, CPA, Educator/Consultant, AGA
  • John Hummel, CGFM, CPA, Deputy IG, Montgomery County

Program Level:  Intermediate
Prerequisite:  The review team members possess considerable knowledge and experience in Federal government financial management and/or performance measurement and the reporting of results.  While they may not have an in-depth knowledge of the agency, they have a general knowledge of Federal government operations, the subjects covered by the Report and, at least collectively, a familiarity with the agency submitting the Report, its mission, and its programs.
Advance Preparation: The review team members use the CEAR Program Guidelines to review a Report individually; identify and prepare written recommendations for matters in which they believe the Report could be improved; and decide, on their own, whether the Report should receive the Certificate of Excellence and possibly a Special Award.
Field of Study: Finance (FIN)
Delivery Method: Group Live

Registration Fees:  Complimentary to all reviewers.  

Confirmation/CPEs:  Training confirmation details will be sent at least two weeks prior to the training. Each participant will receive up to two (2) CPE hours depending on the length of the review meeting, and a certificate will be available to download within five business days after the training.

CPE Tracking Process:  AGA adheres to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) standards for CPE programs, which require an attendance verification process for all training events.

All participants must sign-in upon entering the training room with AGA. Upon the conclusion of the training, participants must sign-out with AGA. No need to sign-in/out during breaks.

PLEASE NOTE:  Participants must attend the training, i. e., the review meeting, in person at the AGA National Office and in its entirety to receive CPE credits. CPE credits will NOT be offered to those calling into the training. In the case of an audit, AGA will contact the participant.

Email cear@agacgfm.org or call 800.242.7211 ext: 322 and speak to Kia Lor.