CGFM Benefits

CGFM helps you:

Expand your career options

Increase and showcase your knowledge

“CGFM is an opportunity to showcase your government financial management knowledge to your current and future employers.” –John H. Lynskey, CGFM, CPA, AGA National President-Elect

Distinguish yourself

Enhance your marketability

“CGFM is a brand differentiator to identify a knowledgeable practitioner in governmental financial management. It demonstrates a cogent understanding of the government trifecta (federal, state and local) and is used as a competency yardstick, measuring understanding of public sector financial management.”  –Wendy Morton-Huddleston, CGFM, PMP, Principal, Grant Thornton LLP “After I got my CGFM, which is often one of the top requests of government contractors, I started getting federal assignments. I strongly recommend that anyone working in federal, state or local governments, or with nonprofits who get federal grant funding, get this important certification. “ –Timothy J. Hennessey, MBA, CGFM, CPA, President, Hennessey Financial Services

Advance your career

“The CGFM certification has given me the knowledge and confidence to be able to take on additional job duties and advance my career.” –Riley Shaull, CGFM, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Oklahoma Employment Security Commission