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CGFM Study Guides

AGA offers CGFM study guides in two convenient formats – print (hard copy) version and online access.

Print Version

CGFM study guides are now available in the AGA CGFM Bookstore, maintained and fulfilled by Mimeo. The study guides now include a binder. Please note: these products may not be returned.

Online Access 

CGFM study guides are now available in the VitalSource bookstore as a six-month subscription. The guides can be viewed on- and off-line, and through their Bookshelf app.  To buy or access the online guides, click on the corresponding link below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about the 2019 updates to the study guides?
Revisions were made to every chapter and section of the three study guides. Some modifications were editorial/offered clarity, some were made to reflect the changes to the content outlines, and some reflect changes to regulations.

Changes to reflect the new exam content outlines include the addition of content, such as two new chapters in Study Guide 3 (on ERM and shared services) and, in Study Guide 2,  new text on basic accounting principles. Regulation updates include information on new legislation, and content updates reflect relevant GASB and FASAB guidance. The first chapter of the Study Guide 3 (auditing section) was restructured to reflect the 2018 edition of Yellow Book.

As part of the overall update, examples, illustrations, references and appendices were also updated. Due to the extensiveness of the changes, we recommend reviewing each publication in its entirety. 

Do you sell just the updated pages of the printed study guides?
Since the updates often revise and move a large number of pages throughout the study guides, AGA does not offer specific updated pages.

If I plan to use the study guide to prepare for the CGFM examination, when should I buy the study guide?
AGA recommends that CGFM candidates obtain the most current edition of the study guide within 6 months of their planned examination date. 

Are CGFM study guides required for CGFM examinations?
No. Neither CGFM study guides, nor CGFM courses are required to sit for the CGFM examinations. CGFM study guides and courses are separate from CGFM examinations and are based on the publicly-available examination content outlines.

Do the study guides cover all of the CGFM examination questions?
No. To ensure the CGFM examinations are fair and follow international certification standards, AGA separates the education (study guides and courses) from the certification (examinations) functions. The authors of the three study guides have no access to, or information about, the CGFM examination questions, except for what is specified in the publicly-available examination content outlines. The AGA study guides are not intended to offer answers to individual examination questions, but, instead, provide a general review of the topics covered in the examination content outlines.

Are CGFM study guides sufficient to study for the CGFM examinations?
While many CGFM candidates find the study guides to be sufficient preparation for the CGFM examinations, some may need to go beyond the study guides and review additional materials. Conveniently, reference materials are listed at the end of each study guide. In addition, the AGA website provides a list of study references — these publications were used as references by the writers of the CGFM examination questions. Whatever preparation method is used, AGA recommends that CGFM candidates start by reviewing the examinations' content outlines, as well as the list of acronyms and sample examination questions. The reinforcement quizzes and end-of-course review found in the study guides are not designed to serve as sample CGFM examination questions, but as a self-assessment tool to help in the preparation. AGA also offers practice exams.