CGFM® Certification

CGFM Verification

Digital Badge

AGA now offers a new way to verify the CGFM certification — the CGFM digital badge.

Active CGFMs

If you are looking to confirm an individual's CGFM designation, the lists below can be used for initial verification. 

Please note: The lists are not all-inclusive as some CGFMs request that their names not be published. CGFMs who have earned their designation within the last five weeks also may not be listed.

Contact us if you are experiencing the following:

  • If you are not able to find someone on the list or if your information is different from the information on the list.
  • If you need additional information, such as the award date or certificate number (AGA will require a release form be sent to us).
  • If you are an active CGFM and you do not wish your name to be included on this list


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Use of CGFM

  • Active CGFMs: Only active CGFMs may use the “CGFM” after their names.
  • Inactive CGFMs: Inactive CGFMs may not present themselves as CGFMs either in writing or orally; and any reference to the CGFM designation on a resume, bio or other statements of qualification must clearly indicate that the CGFM is inactive.
  • Retired CGFMs: Retired CGFMs must clearly indicate their retired status by using “CGFM-Retired” after their names and using “Retired” or “Retired status” on a resume, bio or other statements of qualification. Individuals who have had their CGFM certification voided may not present themselves as CGFMs either in writing or orally and must remove any reference to their CGFM designation on a resume, bio or other statement of qualifications.
  • CGFM candidates: CGFM candidates may not use the CGFM designation after their names until after they receive an official award letter from AGA. The CGFM designation may not be used after the name of those who have not earned the CGFM.
  • Misuse: Misuse of CGFM designation must be reported to the AGA’s Office of Professional Certification at or 800.AGA.7211 and may be referred to the AGA’s Professional Ethics Board as a potential ethics violation, or to AGA legal counsel, as appropriate.