Dear AGA Albuquerque,

As we are looking forward into the new program year, I want to say welcome and thank you.  Welcome to our new members and returning members, we look forward to fantastic program.  In addition, thank you.  Thank you to the time, service and dedication of the board to volunteer and serve the AGA Albuquerque Chapter.  Thank you to each and every member for your continued support of the AGA Albuquerque Chapter.  It is a privilege to serve as your chapter president for this upcoming chapter year I want to encourage you to let myself or any other board member know how we can assist as we are here to service you and assist you in getting the very most out of your AGA membership. 


As this continues to be a year unlike any other we have ever seen, we remain committed to each of you. Our objectives for the 2021-2022 chapter year are to continue to provide relevant and timely education, community engagement and service, networking and growth opportunities to engage all our members.  We are committed to remaining flexible as our local communities, state, and world continues to navigate through an ever-changing COVID-19 situation. 


We value each and every voice/opinion and we want each of you to help guide the objectives and execution of the AGA Albuquerque Chapter meeting those objectives over the coming year.  In order to assist in member engagement and participate, our goal for this year is to conduct more surveys and polling of our members in order to truly respond more timely to your needs.  So I ask that when you get a survey, please respond so that we can hear you and assist you in getting the most out of your AGA membership. 


I have been a member of the AGA Albuquerque Chapter for many years, CEC member for the past three years and it has been a great experience for me.  I have had the privilege of assisting our membership when needs arise, participate in training, community service, and networking and I am grateful for those experiences.  I encourage each of you to become involved, participate in any/all events, and invite additional members in order to grow our chapter.  The more we grow our chapter, the more we can give back to our community and members. 


As your Chapter President, I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you, expanding our community engagement, and having another successful year through our great AGA Albuquerque Chapter!!


Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.  Thank you,



Alan D. “A.J.” Bowers, Jr., CPA, CITP

AGA Albuquerque Chapter President