The New Tax Act and State and Local Governments

Lealan Miller, CPA, CGFM, Partner

Preparing for Upcoming GASB's

Performing Single Audits Under The Uniform Guidance

Farley H. Vener, CPA, CFE, CGMA

President and Managing Shareholder

Hinkle and Landers, PC

Goal Setting in Government Finance

Intro to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Heather Prudhomme

Interactive Single Audit A to Z
Sara Specht, CFE
Senior Audit Associate II

What's New In Government Internal Control Standards?
Going Green

Consumer Welfare
Considering the Role of Consumers in Marketing Research
Brian Gillespie, Ph.D.

Issues with State Agency Financial Reports that Impact the State CAFR
Ron Spilman, State Controller

New Meico State Auditor
Audit Rule 2018

Local Government Division
Who we are... What we do...

Your Annual Financial Statements
What to Look For and How to Look For It
Cordova CPAs LLC

Attributes of High Performing Organizations
Association of Government Accountants
New Mexico Chapter

A Walkthrough of Government Financial Statements
Laura Beltran Schmitz

The FY 2017 Financial Report of the U.S. Government Part II

The FY 2017 Financial Report of the U.S. Government

Online Payment Options for Government
A Collections Perspective
Charmaine Cook, AAP

Best Practices for Those in Charge of Governance and Top Management
Marty Mathisen, CPA, CGFM

New Mexico and Albuquerque 2018 Professional Development Training

Cyber-Security is dead. Long live Cyber-Resilience!