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Webinar: Assessing and Monitoring Controls in a Remote Environment

October 19 | 12:00–1:50 PM | 2 CPEs

Free for members | $10 for non-members

Presented by Peter Scavotto, Assistant Comptroller for Risk Commonwealth of MA, Grant Simmons, GAO and Michael Pearson, CGFM CPA, State of Idaho, Dept. of Fish and Game

Course Description: Now that remote and hybrid work environments are becoming a permanent fixture, it is essential to assess and discuss internal control challenges, as internal controls designed to operate effectively in an office environment may not be ideal for a remote workplace. Even controls that are appropriately designed may prove to be operating ineffectively in this hybrid work environment. We will discuss some internal control challenges, and potential solutions, identified by working in a hybrid remote environment.

This session will discuss ideas for how to maintain appropriate oversight in order to foster and promote a positive control environment from afar. It is unprecedented that an internal control environment has changed so rapidly, and those responsible for designing the internal controls should reassess their control activity effectiveness. There are also new risks associated with a remote workplace, such as security of data and systems, that must be considered when evaluating the control environment. Once control activities are assessed and updated to adapt to the remote workplace, the next steps will include monitoring the effectiveness of the controls. Digitizing and streamlining processes that were previously performed manually has proven to be a necessity and monitoring the effectiveness of these controls is no longer as easy as walking to the office next door.

Learning Objectives: Attendees will have gained insight from various agencies on how to establish a control environment in a hybrid workplace, assess internal control risks and challenges associated with a remote work environment, and update and monitor the control activities to meet the new work structure and culture.

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