Dear AGA Albuquerque-
Welcome to our 2017-2018 program year! I am excited to serve as your President this year and look forward to working with everyone. Thank you to all of our members and sponsors during our last program year, I encourage you to continue your support of the Albuquerque AGA and take advantage of all the membership/sponsorship benefits. 
Our Chapter Executive Officers are working hard to make this year a successful one for all of our members. We wrapped up the 2016-2017 program year by earning the AGA Platinum Award. This is the highest award at the national level and I know with all of your support we can achieve this again in 2017-2018.
One of my main objectives this year as your Chapter President is to continue to provide monthly education events and networking opportunities to all of our members. Monthly education events will begin in August and run throughout the program year. We encourage you to attend these events and stay on top of the issues that matter to all of us in the financial community. We are also committed to serving our community by holding community service events throughout the year. Our first event will kick off in August bringing in donations for backpacks and supplies for children in need. We hope to see all of you at all of our events and appreciate you helping us serve our community. 
Lastly, growing our membership is important to the Albuquerque Chapter and we encourage you to refer co-workers and friends to the Albuquerque Chapter. I know we can count on you to help us grow and continue to be successful.
I look forward to serving as President of the Albuquerque Chapter this year, and I know we will make it a successful one.
See you at the next event.
Krista Gianes-ChavezAlbuquerque
Chapter President

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