Past Events

2019 May Professional Development Training 5/16/2019

Speaker Biographies and Presentations


2019 March Chapter Meeting 3/21/2019

Speaker Biographies and Presentations (includes additional resources from The Speed of Trust)

If you enjoyed the presentations by Sean Petterson and Heather Hubbard, purchase the books that inspired them using the links below. (Amazon affiliate links benefit the AGA Atlanta Chapter)

The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything by Stephen Covey (

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High by Kerry Patterson (


2018 November Chapter Meeting 11/15/2018

Speaker Biographies and Presentations


2018 September Chapter Meeting 9/20/2018

Speaker Biographies and Presentations


2018 Professional Devlopment Training (PDT) 5/17/2018

Speaker Biographies and Presentations


2018 March Chapter Meeting

Speaker Biographies

GASB 84 - Tracy Arner

Understanding the Appropriations Documents - Dave Lakly


2017 May Professional Development Training (PDT) (5/18/2017)

Speaker Biographies

The Volcker Alliance Project on State Structural Deficits and Fiscal Health - Dr. Carolyn Bourdeaux

Change Management - Dr. Jannett D. Bradford

Audit Committee & Senior Leader Best Practices - John Fuchko, III

Data Analytics and Visualization - Douglas Glenn

Modeling Accountability: Key Elements of Success - Ben Nelson

Maintaining your CPA, CGFM and Other Certifications - John Gioeli

GASB 77 – Disclosures of Tax Abatements - Joel Black

Discussion of GASB’s Invitation to Comment on the Financial Reporting Model Re-examination - Joel Black

2017 March Chapter Meeting (3/16/2017)

Speaker Biographies

Best Practices for Long Range Strategic Planning and Budgeting - Youlanda C. Carr, Budget Chief for the City of Atlanta

Office of Inspector General - Summary of FY15 Audits of Disaster Relief Fund Grants, Programs, and Operations - John Johnson

Budget Law Training - John Thornton

Personal and Professional Accountability - Charles E Daniels

2016 November Chapter Meeting (11/17/2016)

Georgia's Budget: The Big Picture - presented by Carolyn Bourdeaux

Speaker Biographies


2016 September Chapter Meeting (9/15/2016)

Public Corruption: Causes, Consequences & Countermeasures - presented by Victor Harman and Sridhar Ramamoorti

Tips to Prevent Fraud - presented by John V Kelley

Speaker Biographies