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One of the requirements to retain the CGFM certification, is to complete at least 80 hours of continuing professional education every two years in government financial management or related technical subjects (within the designated two-year CPE cycle).  Individuals must also maintain and, if requested by AGA, provide detailed information on CPE hours completed.

CPE Cycle

The 80 CPE hours must be completed within the CGFM’s two-year CPE cycle. The first CPE cycle starts on Jan. 1 of the year following the one when the CGFM designation was earned. For example, if the CGFM was awarded any time in 2020, the first CPE cycle starts on Jan. 1, 2021 and ends on Dec. 31, 2022.


The CPE requirements apply to all active CGFMs, whether employed or not, and whether employed full- or part-time by a government or other organization. Active CGFMs must complete a minimum of 80 CPE hours every two years to maintain their CGFM certification. While there is no minimum number of hours required to be earned each year, CGFMs are encouraged to earn CPE hours throughout their two-year cycle.

Ethics Training

The Professional Certification Board (PCB) now requires an ethics component of four hours of ethics training in each CPE cycle for all CPE cycles that start after 12/31/2020. While there is no annual ethics training requirement, CGFMs are encouraged to earn two CPE hours in ethics per year. It must be clear from the title of the training or the field of study that this training is related to ethics.

Supporting Documentation

CGFMs do not need to submit supporting documentation of the CPE hours at the time of renewal. CGFMs are required to maintain supporting documentation on CPE hours earned for a minimum of three years and provide it to AGA upon request.

Programs and Activities that Qualify for CPE

The following programs and activities qualify for CPE hours, provided they are in acceptable topics and subjects as discussed in the next section:

Programs and Activities that Qualify for CPE

The following programs and activities qualify for CPE hours, provided they are in acceptable topics and subjects as discussed in the next section:



Group programs such as:

  1. Employer-provided training programs (courses, seminars and workshops). Note: Programs conducted by the employer of the individual must provide for an instructor or course leader. There should be formal instructional and training material. On-the-job training does not qualify.

  2. The portion of a financial management organization staff meeting in which a structured educational program with learning objectives is used to provide staff with knowledge regarding topics and subjects such as those included in section 12. Informal discussions of current events in the financial management profession do not qualify for CPE hours.

  3. Accredited university and college courses (credit and noncredit).

  4. Education and development programs presented at conferences, conventions, meetings, seminars and workshops of professional organizations.

  5. Web-based seminars and structured programs of study.

  6. Audio conferences.



Individual study programs such as:

  1. Web-based courses and webinars.

  2. Individual study and eLearning programs.

  3. Audio conferences.



Other professional activities, subject to the limitations discussed in section 15, are:

  1. Serving as a speaker, instructor or discussion leader at group programs that qualify for CPE hours.

  2. Developing courses or the course materials for programs that qualify for CPE hours.

  3. Publishing articles and books on topics and subjects that qualify for CPE hours and that contribute directly to the author's professional proficiency. For example, writing an article published in The Journal of Government Financial Management.



Serving as a subject matter expert for CGFM program activities approved for CPE credit by the Professional Certification Board such as:

  1. Participating in development or technical review of CGFM examinations or CGFM preparation products, such as study guides, online courses or practice exams.

Topics and Subjects that Qualify for CPE

CPE programs include a wide variety of topics and subjects that may contribute to maintaining or enhancing the professional proficiency of some CGFMs, but not others. Determining what topics and subjects are appropriate for individual CGFMs to satisfy the CPE requirement is a matter of professional judgment. Among the considerations in exercising that judgment are CGFM's experience, the government financial management area(s) in which they work, and the responsibilities they assume in performing government financial management functions.

To help one determine whether the course would qualify for CPE, the CGFM should answer “yes” to all of the following questions:

  • Is the information covered in this course applicable to government financial management?

  • Does this course contribute to my professional proficiency as a CGFM?

  • Does this course provide information that directly benefits me in my job as a government financial manager or enhance my overall knowledge of government financial management?


Additional information related to CGFM and CPE requirements including examples of qualifying topics and subjects, exceptions, and measuring CPE can be found at AGA - CPE Requirements (