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Hello AGA Members and Friends,

I am excited and honor to represent the Baltimore Chapter during the 2020-2021 program year as your president. I have been involved with AGA and the Baltimore Chapter since 2010 and over the past 10 years, this chapter has provided me and other members with great leadership, education, and community service opportunities and I want to continue providing these opportunities to our members.  

I would like to thank our immediate Past-President, Ms. Lori Lee, for her leadership and dedication to the chapter. Because of her effort and the great support provided by the Chapter Executive Committee, our chapter had great success.

This year, COVID-19 has introduced new challenges to our chapter and with all the uncertainties surrounding coronavirus, we understand that we have to be more agile than before, understand the circumstances, and find alternative solutions to provide great values to our members.  Of course, our members’ health is our priority and as we continue to take precautions and practice social distancing, the Baltimore chapter is exploring exciting new ways to continue providing growth and leadership opportunities to its members.

Thank you for your continuous support of the chapter.


Masoud Najmabadi


AGA – Baltimore Chapter, 2020-2021 Program Year