2019-2020 AGA Boston Chapter

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Craig C. Hall, MPA

Phone: 617-770-7676 ext. 106



Benjamin Howe, CFE, MPIA

Phone:  603-860-0572


Immediate Past President

William Muench, CGFM, CPA

Phone:  508-259-3382



Jane Gustowski, CPA

Phone: 508-798-5452

Cell 508-847-4751



Jeffery Benbenek, CGAP

Phone: 781-338-6518


Vice President for Planning

Male Kamya

Phone: 617-626-6836


Vice President for Education and Programs

Joseph Valchuis, CGFM, CFE

Phone: 617-744-3000


National Council of Chapters Representative

Dan Bonnette, CPA

Phone: 617-912-9000


Director of Membership and Early Career

Caitlin Hogan

Phone:  781-338-6511

Cell: 617-240-0178


Director of Bylaws and Procedures

William Bell

Phone:  781-338-6528


Director of Community Service

Marcia Luciano

Cell: 508-558-3199


Director of Professional Certification

Stetson Marshall

Phone: 617-626-5114


Director of Registration

Karen L. Payne

Phone: 857-242-5403


Director of Scholarships and Awards

Julie A. O'Sullivan

Cell:  781-724-0913


Director of Accountability

Christina Lento

Cell: 617-800-3221


Director of Communication (Webmaster)

David A. LeBlanc, CGFM, CFS - Ex-Officio

Phone: 978-239-6941


Director of Publications (Newsletter Editor)

Scott Olsen - Ex-Officio

Phone:  978-609-6784


Chapter Auditor

Shana C. Doiron, CPA - Ex-Officio

Phone: 781-402-6379