Access AGA’s COVID-19 Resource Exchange


Registrations are open for some of the Boston Chapter of the AGA’s events.  To look at our upcoming events, go to our “Training and Events Page”, to see a listing of what we are offering.


If you then click on the name of any event you will see some details about the sessions.  If there is a blue “Register” box within those details then that means the event is open for registrations.


The Boston Chapter website utilizes single sign-in (SSO) with the AGA National website.  Sign in using your “My AGA credentials”. For AGA Members this will involve using your membership number as the “User Name” and your unique password.


Don't have a My AGA account? You can create one at:


Setting up an account for a non-member does not mean that you have to join AGA, although that will save you money and open up other opportunities for you.


Once you have an account set up you will not have to list your contact information every time you log in. If you have any questions please contact our webmaster here.


Group registrations can be done as in the past by clicking on the “Group Event Registrations“ from the Training and Events menu bar and downloading the form and sending it to the Director of Registrations.