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Devin Graves

Member Spotlight

Our featured member this quarter is Devin Graves:

· Where do you work and what is your role?

I work for Kearney & Company as a Federal Financial Statement Auditor, so our team’s job is to present an opinion on the overall accuracy of Financial Statements of Federal government agencies. I’m an Associate, so I mostly work on the work papers that provide the evidence needed to back up our opinion. My work consists of things like reviewing and documenting business processes, identifying risks and controls for those risks, and conducting control and substantive testing over transactions.

· Are you a CGFM? If so, why is that important to you? If not, do you plan on obtaining the certification and why?

Not quite yet! I studied for and passed the three test sections from December through February, and just need a few more months before I have the required 2 years of experience. The certification is important to me because it is a way to prove to my employer and clients that I understand the unique accounting structures inherent in government entities. Government accounting has some significant differences from public sector work, and it is important to let people know what your specialty and area of focus is. Having the CGFM tells people that governmental accounting and finance is something that I’ve spent time doing and can speak knowledgeably about.

· How is AGA helpful in your career?

The AGA helps me with networking and providing contacts. I’m a fairly new member, so I haven’t been to a whole lot of events yet, but the ones I have been to have let me speak with people from all sorts of fascinating careers and also lets me explain what I do as an auditor to people who otherwise wouldn’t know. The more people I meet, the broader my knowledge of the governmental accounting/finance world, which helps both my company and me grow.

· What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I used to read a lot when I was younger, but I fell off when I went to college. I just got a Kindle to try and get myself to read more books. I’m a bit of a nerd and enjoy video games, and I also enjoy the Summerville area and there are plenty of good restaurants and breweries to check out. I like painting as well, but I haven’t really had much time for that recently, unfortunately.

· What advice do you have for other Government Finance employees and contractors?

Make sure you’ve got the basics down! Learning to understand budgetary and proprietary accounting is time well spent if your work involves any financial roles. Looking at complex transactions through the debits, credits, and accounts affected can help simplify problems and indicate solutions. Also, make use of the AGA and other members to keep up with CPEs and try to take courses that are relevant or interesting to you. If you have to spend time every year in a class, make sure that it’s something useful!