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Bryan Nelms
Program Year 2017-2018

Significant Achievements: “After signing up as a member in October 2017, I quickly stepped in to help lead the Chapter for a year and a half. In that time we were able to hold our largest Charleston chapter Professional Development Training (PDT). With over 130 attendees and 10 speakers, the annual PDT continued to be our flagship event. We continued our partnership with Charleston Southern University (CSU). CSU plans to implement a government and non-for-profit accounting course, implementing AGA’s material, and culminating in examination for the CGFM® certification. We added a new Platinum chapter sponsor, Kearney & Company, who joined our other four Platinum sponsors CGI Federal, Haynes Incorporated, MIL Corporation, and SOSi. We also held our first ever joint event with American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) on May 1, 2019. This mini-PDT featured three free credit hours of CPE exclusively for members.

Other: It certainly was a whirlwind of a term for me being new to AGA and Charleston, however the opportunity provided me the ability to meet many of our members here in Charleston and nationally throughout AGA. Over the year and a half I had great help from a strong Chapter Executive Council (CEC), and I want to thank all the members that helped me to achieve our many goals. I look forward to continuing to be an active member for our Chapter and participating in the future successes.

Sheena Kennedy
Program Year 2016-2017

Significant achievements: "During my term, we successfully hosted the first annual AGA Charleston chapter Professional Development Training (PDT) in 2016 and the second annual PDT in 2017. Additionally, the chapter obtained sponsorship from 5 excellent organizations: The MIL Corporation, CGI Federal, Haynes Incorporated, IFAS LLC and STG. The sponsorships allow the chapter to provide additional value to members via networking events, educational opportunities and community service events."
Other: "I am thankful for the chapter presidents who served before me for providing an excellent foundation to grow, and for the dedicated chapter leaders who contributed personal time and effort to ensure events were executed effectively. I owe gratitude to my personal mentors who helped make my presidency successful, especially Peg Kendra from the MIL Corporation. The leadership, project management and team building experience I gained from the AGA chapter presidency was decisively beneficial. Though I have relocated from the Charleston area and no longer working in the government industry, I will always value my time with AGA - and I wish the chapter great success as it evolves!"

Sarah Mollohan
Program Year 2015-2016

Significant achievements: "During my tenure, we created and posted the first financial statements including a Profit and Loss (Income Statement), Statement of Owners Equity, and Trial Balance. We began to hold Chapter meetings and speaking events off of the Federal Complex to accommodate non DoS members. The Citizen Centric Report was created and submitted for the first time and we were able to make significant updates of the Chapter Bylaws."
Other: "The 2015-2016 program year brought the Chapter 15 new members where 50% of the members were from other organizations (non Dos GS/Contractors)."

Beth DaRe
Program Years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015

Significant achievements:  "I served two consecutive years as president so the chapter could achieve some stability and continue to move the chapter forward. During this time, we increased membership including the beginning of the Citadel partnership with Colonel Garcia, held our first Charleston Chapter anniversary celebration, and started the chapter member survey to gain insight into what the members wanted and how to improve service. I also worked together with the Chapter Executive Committee to achieve the Bronze Chapter Recognition Program award for the first time."
Other:  "I'm thankful for the advice and guidance of past presidents Stacy Johnson and Karen Richardson as well as all of the volunteers who stepped up to help the chapter continue to move forward and improve."

Stacy Johnson
Program Years 2012-2013

Significant achievements: "During my tenure as the Charleston Chapter President, I successfully recruited early career members who not only volunteered to serve on various committees but also later served as Chapter Presidents."
Other: "It's been wonderful to see the Charleston Chapter grow not only in size but also in the networking and educational opportunities we are able to offer to our new members and fellow financial professionals in the area."

Karen Richardson
Program Years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012

Significant achievements: "When I was President, the chapter received it's first Chapter Recognition Program Reward and the first CGFM study group was created. I was the first member of the Charleston Chapter to attend the Leadership Training program. Also during my tenure, membership grew significantly and members were empowered to serve on sub-committees."
Other: "It was rewarding to partner with Micthell Elementary School and become a sponsor."