CGFM Certification


Additions for 2019






Betsy Chapman

Financial Reporting Specialist III
WV Department of Administration




Samantha Chapman

Financial Reporting Specialist 2
WV Departmen
t of Administration







Kay Walden

Financial Reporting Specialist II
State of WV - Finance Division





The more you know, the more you can add value - to your agency, to co-workers, to colleagues, to constituent, to your dreams and potential. If you are in government and have an interest in any of the wide variety of finance fields (budget, grant management, accounting, financial reporting, auditing, etc.) the Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM®) may be for you!

The CGFM helps us build our knowledge base by increasing our understanding of government processes, importance of our budget, our communication with citizens through financial reporting, and so much more.

This knowledge base can benefit new and seasoned employees alike. Set yourself apart - distinguish yourself from other governmental accountants by obtaining your CGFM. 

If you are on the job hunt, one thing that helps gets a potential employers attention is by standing out. Certifications help you stand out, it shows commitment, dedication, and the ability to follow through. However, certification is not just for those entering the career. It is also for those of us that want to understand our field better and for those of us that want to make a difference.

Your Charleston chapter of AGA wants you to succeed and we are here to help with programs like the Lending Library.  For more information about the CGFM check out:

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to your local AGA CGFM/Professional Certification Chair, Betsy Lynn Chapman at The Charleston WV AGA is here to help you succeed. 


Save With CGFM Beta Exams


September and October are great months to sit for the CGFM exams! During this time, CGFM exams will be administered as beta exams.

What does that mean?

  • Exams will follow the updated content outlines.
  • Exams will be discounted to $100 each — candidates can save a total of $75 by taking all three exams!
  • Candidates who schedule beta exams will get FREE access to the updated online CGFM study guides.

Scores will not be immediately provided. Instead, candidates will receive their results by Dec. 31, 2019.


Did you know?

The West Virginia Division of Personnel recognizes the CGFM as a Professional Skills/Competency Development-Approved Certification under the WV Pay Plan Policy. Check it out!



Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements

All active CGFMs are required to complete at least 80 hours of CPE every two years in government financial management topics or related technical subjects. The 80 CPE hours must be completed within the CGFM's two-year CPE cycle.