Jeff Burdick

This month we would like to introduce you to Charleston’s newest CGFM, Jeff Burdick.

Where do you work and what is your role?

I am an Accountant for the MIL Corporation and I work on the Property Accounting team, which is part of the Global Financial Operations area of the Department of State (DoS). We are tasked with ensuring that all capitalized personal property is accurately reported for the DoS.

Why was achieving the CGFM important to you?

For one, it was a personal sense of accomplishment. That I have the self-discipline to complete the rigorous requirements for the certification. Second, it was important to achieve in order to further solidify my role as a trusted Subject Matter Expert here at DoS.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I’m a home brewer. Although my time away from work is limited, I try to brew my own beer a few times a year. I also enjoy all kinds of sports, both watching and playing. And I’ve recently started to get into woodworking.

What advice do you have for other Government Finance employees and contractors?

Keep your ears open and keep learning every day. There are so many different systems and processes here that you are able to learn something new every day. It might not be something that you need to know today, but it could help you at later time or if you move to a different position.



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