I am very honored to be serving as the Charleston, WV Chapter’s president for this FY 2019 year.  I hope that the Chapter’s Board can continue our Chapter in a positive and forward direction for the upcoming new year.  I look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming events and hope that you will make the most of your membership in AGA and the Charleston Chapter.  The Board works very hard to provide CPE events that are helpful to all members, no matter where you are in your Governmental Accounting career.  Please feel free to contact me at any time about any concerns or issues that you may have, or with any feedback on the Chapter’s events.  Thank you for being a member of AGA and the Charleston Chapter. 


Roger Townsend, President









































Member Exclusive

Celebrate all month long with a $25 application fee.  Begin your March to become a CGFM.












Chapter News

Just when you thought the AGA Charleston Chapter couldn't do more to encourage members to acquire their CGFM, the Chapter does.  Upon passing a section of the CGFM, members may request reimbursement for cost of the exam.

Did you know that the Charleston Chapter of AGA only has nine Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM)s listed? Studying for the CGFM is not only a great way to gain knowledge of various aspects of governmental finance; it also allows you to set yourself apart from your peers.

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