2018 CGFM Scholarships


The Denver Chapter of the AGA will be awarding three scholarships to three individual recipients of this year’s CGFM scholarship program. This year’s theme is to write about “What I find most intriguing about becoming a CGFM”. The recipients of the scholarships will each receive a total of $500 for expenses towards the costs of application, study materials/books and tests. The recipients of the scholarships will each receive the $500 to be applied towards the application fee, study guide materials and test fee after successful completion of exam #1. The scholarships are specific to acquiring the CGFM certification.


The foundation of the CGFM is the requirement for Education, Experience and Examination. Building on this foundation is a Code of Ethics and required Continuing Professional Education (CPE). To take any of the CGFM examinations, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, and completion of at least 24 semester credit hours (or 36 quarter credit hours) of study composed of courses in one or more of the following areas:


Accounting; Auditing; Budgeting; Economics; Electronic Data Processing; Finance; Information Resources Management; Public Administration; Other Financial Management or Related Topics


Candidates must also have at least two years of professional experience in government financial management prior to being awarded their designation as a CGFM.


The AGA believes that its members first and foremost serve the public interest in accordance with the highest ethical principles. This Code of Ethics is both a standard of behavior and a guide for making ethical decisions. The CGFM designation is already recognized as a professional standard. Each year, more and more federal agencies and state and local governments are realizing the value of the CGFM and are formally embracing the designation. The Institute of

Internal Auditors (IIA) Board of Regents has also recognized the CGFM. It is accepted as a waiver for part IV of the CIA examination. See http://


www.agacgfm.org/cgfm/start/default.aspx for more information.


The challenge facing today's government financial managers is to keep up with the changing times. New innovations, new regulations and new methods of implementation require staying abreast of the latest developments. AGA presents a dynamic program of educational events every year that will expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills. The field of government financial management will be far different tomorrow from what it is today. Having a broad knowledge and a recognized professional designation will be the way to distinguish yourself from the crowd. There's no time like the present for joining the thousands of other leaders in government financial management who already have discovered the unique value and benefit of the CGFM designation.



REQUIRED ESSAY TOPIC — “What I find most Intriguing about becoming a CGFM”


All CGFM scholarship candidates must submit an electronic word document of their essay to Carol Hooper at DenverAGA@gmail.com and at c30hoope@blm.gov. The essay cannot be more than one double-spaced page. Make sure to have your full name and contact information on the document and specify that you are applying for the CGFM scholarship in the subject line.




The CGFM Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the candidate’s potential for making a meaningful contribution to public financial management.




CGFM Scholarship essays must be received by the close of business Friday, April 27, 2018. No incomplete or late applications will be considered.

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