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All active CGFMs are required to complete at least 80 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) every two years in government financial management topics or related technical subjects. The 80 CPE hours must be completed within the CGFM’s two-year CPE cycle. See Calendar of CPE cycles.

CGFMs do not need to submit supporting documentation of the CPE hours at the time of renewal. The payment itself serves as the CGFM's affirmation of his or her compliance with the CPE requirements. CGFMs are required to maintain supporting documentation on CPE hours earned for a minimum of three years and provide it to AGA upon request. This documentation may be requested by AGA as part of the annual audit of a random sample of CGFMs.

Waivers or extensions on earning CPE hours are granted on an individual case basis. All requests for waivers must be sent in writing to the AGA’s Office of Professional Certification no later than April 30 in the year following the end of the two-year CPE cycle.

The CPE requirements page contains detailed information on CGFM CPE requirements.