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Purpose of the InitiativeAGA's Member/Citizen-Centric Reporting Initiative is intended to foster an innovative means of communication between governmental and non-profit organizations and their citizens/members. AGA believes that financial information should be provided to citizens/members in forms that are clear and understandable, updated regularly and often, delivered to all, easy to locate, honest in breadth, and technically accurate in detail.  Member/Citizen-Centric Reports detail an entity's finances in a visually appealing, clear, and understandable four-page document.  AGA believes that these reports will make governments and organizations more accountable to their citizens/members, and will help Americans become better educated and better able to participate in government and organizational activities.

In January 2016, Route Fifty, a GovExec state and local daily publication to connect people and ideas, asked AGA to produce an article on CCR for their recent e-book on Budgeting.  See the article, "Citizen-Centric Reporting: Informing the Public Is the Government’s Responsibility".

View the Des Moines Chapter's Citizen-Centric Reports for 2019-202018-192017-182016-172015-16, 2014-15, 2013-14, 2012-13, 2011-12, and 2010-11.

The AGA Des Moines Chapter is proud to report that its 2018-192017-182016-172015-16, 2014-152013-14, 2012-13,and 2011-12 Member-Centric Reports were awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Member-Centric Reporting by the National AGA office.