AGA Leadership Positions

Would you like to serve in a leadership position with the Idaho Centennial Chapter? Our Chapter Executive Committee along with the Chapter Board guides and serves the Chapter members. Time commitment averages a few hours a month and depends on the position. Take a look at the positions below and see where your talents would be best utilized. If you are interested in serving, please contact the President or President-Elect.


The President represents the Chapter at national meetings; writes a President's message for the website and the newsletter each month; approves Chapter expenses; reports to the National office on Chapter activities; chairs CEC meetings and presides over the luncheons.


The President-Elect assists the chapter president in fulfilling the responsibilities of the presidency, chairing meetings in the President's absence and may have other duties or responsibilities assigned by the President.

Immediate Past President*

The Immediate Past President advises the Chapter President in fulfilling the responsibilities of the presidency.


The Treasurer is the custodian of the Chapter funds and is responsible for the Chapter financial records and reports. The Treasurer is busiest during the Professional Development Conference (PDC) registrations periods.


The Secretary functions as the primary communications coordinator for the Chapter by taking minutes at the CEC meetings and the luncheons for publication on the website/newsletter. Serving in this position requires attendance at all monthly meetings in Boise.

PDC Chair(s)

The PDC Chair(s) is responsible for organizing and coordinating Professional Development Conferences.  Leading up to the PDC, this position can be a fairly big time commitment. Duties include selecting and reserving conference facilities, creating the registration and handout materials, organizing and confirming speakers, and taking care of all the details that lead up to a successful PDC.

Education Chair(s)*

The Education Chair(s) identifies topics and confirms speakers for the monthly luncheons, coordinates audio conferences, and assists the PDC Chair(s).   The Education Chair(s) is also responsible for maintaining Chapter compliance continuing professional education criteria and providing documentation as needed to assist Chapter members in tracking and reporting CPE's.

Webmaster/Communications Chair(s)*

The Communications Chair(s) is responsible for updating and maintaining the Chapter website. Additional duties include creating a Chapter newsletter which is published monthly from September through May, and publicizing events.  Most of the duties related to this position can be accomplished through email and normally does not require regular attendance at the Chapter meetings or luncheons.

Membership Chair*

The Membership Chair is responsible for attracting new members to the Chapter and retaining current members.

Program Chair*

The Program Chair coordinates the monthly luncheons by reserving a meeting place, arranging food and drink with caterers, taking reservations from members, printing the sign in sheets, collecting the luncheon fees and working with the Treasurer to prepare the deposit related to the luncheon fees.  The Program Chair also provides a copy of the sign in sheet to the Education Chair(s) as part of the needed CPE documentation.

Community Service Chair*

The Community Service Chair coordinates all Chapter community service activities.  Past activities have included pop tops for the Ronald McDonald House, Rake-up-Boise, Adopt-A-Highway, Greenbelt clean-up, and a raffle at the PDC.

Young Professionals Chair*

The Young Professionals Chair is responsible for attracting students and other young professionals "under 30" who might be pursuing a career in government.

CGFM Chair*

The CGFM Chair is responsible for promoting the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) professional designation to the Chapter members and the governmental accountability community.

Accountability Chair

The Accountability Chair is responsible for promoting AGA's performance and accountability programs to the Chapter members and the community. The three primary accountability and performance programs are: 1) Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Report Review Program; 2) Certificate of Achievement in Service Efforts and Accomplishments Report Review Program; and 3) Citizen Centric Government Initiative.


The Chapter Historian is the custodian of the Chapter historical information and coordinates the recording of Chapter events, including photography.

Other Positions

Often chair persons will establish committees to assist them in their responsibilities. Many opportunities are available to serve on committees if you wish to participate on a more limited basis. Please contact a CEC or Board member if you have additional ideas on how you might be able to serve the Chapter.

*Member of the Chapter Executive Committee (CEC)

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