Chapter Leadership

2017‐2018 Program Year

Matt Orem

Chapter President

Matt Orem
Idaho Div of Financial Management
Michael Pearson

Chapter President-Elect

Michael Steven Pearson, CGFM,CPA
State of Idaho Dept of Fish and Game
Steve Bellomy

Immediate Past President

Steve D. Bellomy
State of Idaho
Raelynn North


Raelynn A. North, CGFM
Idaho State Police

Chapter Treasurer

Judy L. Sargent, CGFM
State of Idaho - State Liquor Divisoin

Accountability Outreach

Chelsea M. Avery
Boise State University

CGFM/Professional Certification

Roni L. Harlan
Idaho State Controllers Office

Community Service

John W. Lolo
Idaho Dept of Health and Welfare
Amy Swann


Amy J. Swann
Idaho Dept of Health & Welfare
Amanda Miller

Early Career

Amanda K. Miller
College of Western Idaho


Kelli R. Bolicek
Ada County


Ethan Draves
ID State Controllers Office


Christopher L. Floyd, CGFM
Office of the Idaho State Controller

Chapter Historian

Dana R. Hanson, CGFM
State of Idaho


Chelsea M. Avery
Boise State University

Technical PDT/Seminars

Aimee Hayes
ID Legislative Services Office
Amy Swann


Amy J. Swann
Idaho Dept of Health & Welfare

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