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Newsletter – August, 2020 (Note: No June and July 2020 Newsletters were published)

Presidents Message

Summer went by very quickly and September is here with fall like weather changes coming. Unfortunately several factors haven’t changed - the pandemic continues which makes it difficult to resume our normal activities and I continue to struggle to jump start our chapter’s 20-21 Program Year.

In April of each year AGA National has sponsored a multiple day event that brought AGA chapter leaders together from all over the country including Guam and Mexico City. LEAD! 2020 was going to bring all the chapters together in Dallas instead of two separate events. Due to COVID-19 there were multiple re-schedules until the decision was made to hold a one day virtual event. Do to scheduling conflicts I was the only Lincoln chapter CEC member to participate.

Many of the chapters shared their concerns and issues with the current pandemic, the various restrictions and members working remotely. Many have experimented with on-line platforms for PDT’s and Chapter Meetings. Several found that virtual events had higher attendance since no travel was required to attend a meeting over the lunch hour. With a virtual PDT, travel also wasn’t an issue, so attendees could be from any place. Also without travel time and costs some found the opportunity to open up the list of possible speakers and even reduce the event’s registration cost. The move to a virtual platform hasn’t come without a learning curve and some difficulties. Others have participated in virtual events for Community Service and/or have provided financial support instead of collecting items.

We all agreed we have missed the chances to meet in person and network. I’ve had the opportunity to attend previous LEAD! events and I missed the opportunity to catch up with AGA leaders I’ve met at these other events.

The Lincoln Chapter will be working to review our previous events – Chapter Meetings and PDT’s and determine how best to proceed. I am anxious to hear from you that receive this newsletter or read it on our website to hear your comments and suggestions on formats, virtual platforms, speakers, etc. Please contact me at
There are still several CEC key positions open for this current program year;

Co-Director – Education PDT
Director – Accountability & Outreach
Director – Chapter Meetings
Director – CGFM – Professional Certification

Contact me if you have any questions about the positions and/or are interested in serving.

Since this year’s AGA National PDT was virtual the Chapter Award plaques were mailed and I have received the Chapter’s Platinum award.
As always AGA membership provides various benefits, with many new virtual opportunities. Make sure to check out the National AGA home page and check out the link to a page listing all of the virtual training and free resources that are available. There are member only webinars scheduled and COVID-19 resources.

Even if your membership has expired you can also re-join. Feel free to contact me or Frank Faughn if you have any questions.

Stay safe,
Ann Martinez, 20-21 Chapter President