Presidents Message

No one understands Nebraska weather – It’s cool one day and everyone is sure it’s fall and the next day it is hot, so maybe it’s still summer!!
We talk about the weather all the time and all we know for sure is that it will change. Though it must be fall because there’s

I feel our first Chapter Meeting was a success – great topic and Tico’s is a great location. Several attendees have commented that they learned a lot.
I know I did. Weights and Measures at the national and state level is way more than just fuel pumps or scales in the grocery store. They are responsible for a lot more to protect consumers – is the weight of the container the deli put your potato salad deleted from the weight you were charged for? What about the packaging your steaks were in? Another check point for example is salad dressing or a gallon of milk – is the manufacture giving you the amount you are paying for? What about your Thanksgiving turkey? Testing as part of an inspection found that the weight of a number of turkeys was short. The store agreed to return the whole semitrailer load. They are also checking if the price on the shelf is the price charged at the register. A new area is working with Uber and other providers to make sure the GPS information being used is accurate.

Another great start to our 19-20 Program Year was the Fall PDT. Once again great training at a very reasonable price was provided by a variety of presenters from State Government, UNL, Creighton and the private sector. Innovation Campus provides a great facility and lots of close, free parking.

If you have an idea for a topic, a speaker or location for a Chapter Meeting or PDT let us know. The CEC member’s names and contact information is always in the newsletter or on the website.

The Chapter will sponsor AGA Web Conferences again this year. Each webinar provides 2
CPE’s. They are free to members and $25 for non-members (not a member contact a CEC member). The first one is titled – Internal Controls and is scheduled for Wednesday, December 11th from 1:00-2:50 at the 1526 Bldg., LL Training Room. More information and how to register to come.

Ann Martinez - 19-20 President