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To earn the CGFM, candidates must apply for the CGFM Program and meet the following requirements:      

Ethics -   Read and agree to abide by AGA’s Code of Ethics.
Education - Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
Examinations- Pass three comprehensive CGFM Examinations.
Experience -  Have at least two years of professional-level experience in government financial management.

Steps to become a CGFM (from AGA National Website):

Step 1—Read AGA's Code of Ethics 
Step 2—Apply for the CGFM Program
Submit a CGFM Program application form with the $85 application fee and required degree documentation. Please note: The $85 application fee is non-refundable. AGA membership is not required for the CGFM certification.
Step 3—Submit Required Degree Documentation
Submit a copy of your transcript from an accredited college or university by e-mail, fax or mail. This documentation must be submitted within six months of submitting the application form and before any CGFM Examinations can be taken.

See CGFM Education Requirement for more information.
Step 4—Receive an Eligibility Letter
Once your application, payment and degree documentation are received and processed by the Office of Professional Certification, AGA will e-mail you an eligibility letter with instructions on how to purchase your CGFM Examinations. The letter is usually sent out within two to three weeks of receipt of your CGFM application and proof of bachelor's degree.

Your eligibility for taking the CGFM Examinations will expire three years from the date of processing your CGFM application. 

Extensions: If your eligibility period ends before you pass all three CGFM Examinations, you will need to reapply and pass all the examinations again. Extensions of eligibility may be granted to individuals who passed some but not all of their examinations before the end of their eligibility period. Extensions are not designed to establish a new eligibility period but to give 1-2 months to individuals who have not been able to complete all of their exams before the eligibility deadline. No extensions will be granted to individuals who have not passed any of their CGFM Examinations. To request an extension of eligibility, contact AGA’s Office of Professional Certification 30 days before the expiration of your eligibility period via email at, fax at 703-562-0361 or mail (AGA, 2208 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria VA 22301).
Step 5—Submit a Work Verification Form
Submit a Work Verification Form as soon as you have at least two years of professional-level experience in the government financial management field. You do not have to submit this form before taking the examinations, but it must be submitted before the designation can be granted.
See CGFM Experience Requirement for more information.
Step 6—Prepare for the CGFM Examinations
Prepare for the examinations by attending an instructor-led course, purchasing a study guide or studying on your own. To determine the best way to prepare, start by reviewing the CGFM Examinations content outlines. 
See Preparing for Examinations for more information.
Step 7—Schedule the CGFM Examinations
Following the instructions on your eligibility letter, register with Pearson VUE, pay for the CGFM Examination(s) and schedule your testing appointments.
Examination fees: $109 for each of the three examinations. See Examination Scheduling and Procedures for more information.
Step 8—Take the CGFM Examinations
Take the examinations at a Pearson VUE Professional Testing Center. After you complete a CGFM Examination at a testing center, you will immediately receive a pass/fail score on your computer. If you did not pass your exam, there is a 30-day waiting period before you can retake it. If you failed this exam more than once, the waiting period is 90 days.

See Examination Scheduling and Procedures for more information.

CGFM Examinations can also be taken during AGA's Intensive Review Course events.
Step 9—Receive CGFM Award Letter
Once you pass all three CGFM Examinations, and your Work Verification Form has been submitted and accepted by the Office of Professional Certification, AGA will send you an official award letter announcing your new CGFM designation. The letter is usually sent out within three weeks of completing the last CGFM requirement. Note that the CGFM designation may not be used until after receiving an official award letter from AGA. 
Step 10—Receive and Display Your CGFM Certificate
Expect to receive your certificate 6 - 10 weeks after your award letter.

Remember to maintain your CGFM in active status.

If you have any questions about the process or if you have not heard from us within the estimated time frame, please contact the Office of Professional Certification at or 800.AGA.7211.


Studying for the Exams:

Self-Study Option: 
If you are looking for a cost-effective way to study at your own pace, AGA offers three CGFM study guides that provide comprehensive overviews of the topics covered in each CGFM Examination. The study guides are also used as course materials in the GFM courses. Note: If you have already purchased any of the study guides with CPEs, you can access the CPE examinations. More information on study guide updates

While the AGA study guides provide an excellent foundation in preparation for the exams, candidates may need to go beyond the study guides and review additional materials. In addition to the reference materials listed at the end of each study guide, see the list of study references—these publications were used as references by examination question writers.

Application Fee $85

CGFM Exams:

Exam 1 - Government Environment


Exam 2 - Governmental Accounting, Financial Reporting and Budgeting


Exam 3 - Governmental Financial Management and Control

Three Exams Total $327
CGFM Study Guides:

Exam 1 - Print and Online Bundle - Recommended


Exam 2 - Print and Online Bundle - Recommended


Exam 3 – Print and Online Bundle - Recommended

Total For Three Study Guides – Print and Online Version $417
CGFM Study Guides:

Exam 1 - Print Version


Exam 2 - Print Version


Exam 3 – Print Version

Total For Three Study Guides – Print Version $255

Sample Exam Questions:

Link to Sample Questions