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Points [Updated 2/19/2021]


Points Structure Table (Appendix to Chapter Policy 7)


To encourage participation and involvement in AGA chapter activities, the Nashville Chapter utilizes a point structure as a means to record participation. The goal is to help people see the different aspects of the chapter, encourage new and continued interest and retention of membership, and provide rewards in the form of possible prizes and incentives determined annually.


Points are accumulated for each member based on participation in events and activities occurring during the membership and recognition year – May 1st through April 30th . Participation includes donations of time, money, and materials, as outlined in the point structure (see Appendix). Reaching certain point thresholds results in added membership benefits, such as partial reimbursement of dues and qualifying for a chance to win a trip to the AGA National Professional Development Conference. The point structure is not meant to be changed routinely, with the exception of the addition and deletion of community service activities and events, so confusion is not created with frequent updates. In certain cases, points earned for an activity are different depending on whether the member is part of the committee sponsoring the event. This is because a committee member should not be able to earn points for activities or events that are considered a duty of the committee since members already earn points for serving on the committee.


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