$500 Chapter Scholarship

The Philadelphia Chapter will award one $500 scholarship to a high school senior/college student. The student must be sponsored by a Philadelphia Chapter member "in good standing." The member does not have to be a parent of the student. You must be a student member for at least a year to apply as a student member.


Scholarship candidates wishing to apply should meet the following



1. The student can be enrolled in any major.

2. The student must be a freshman, sophomore, junior or a senior undergraduate for the upcoming academic year.

3. The scholarship must be used for college tuition only (no room/board, books, fees, etc.).

4. The student must be classified as a full-time student as determined by the college or university regulations.

5. The student's current GPA must be, at a minimum, 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

6. The application package must include a certified high school (for current high school seniors) or college (for current Freshmen, Sophomore and Senior undergraduates) transcript, and the name, membership number and phone number or email address of the sponsoring Chapter member.

7. The student must submit evidence of at least one year's participation in a community service activity.

8. The student must submit an essay describing "Why and How Would You Address The Most Pressing Public Service Issue."



DEADLINE: All materials must be received by APRIL 19, 2019.


Email application materials to agaphiladelphia@comcast.net


If submitting application materials via email, please submit in text, Word or PDF files. If other formats are used, there is a possibility that the application materials may not be able to be read. Please contact Teri Lewis via email teri.lewis@ed.gov or at 215-656-6276 if there are questions when submitting applications online.




Mail all application materials to:


Association of Government Accountants

Philadelphia Chapter

c/o Teri Lewis

PO Box 36792

Philadelphia PA, 19107

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