What is AGA?

AGA has been serving the government financial management profession for over 50 years. As a not-for-profit educational organization, AGA serves the professional interests of financial managers from the local, state, and the federal governments, as well as public accounting firms, responsible for effectively using billions of dollars and other monetary resources every day. Members are accountants, auditors, contract, financial and performance, budget analysts, chief financial officers, information systems managers, finance directors, inspectors general, professors, students. Membership in AGA is like tapping into a reservoir of actual real-world knowledge and experience of government financial management experts.

Our Vision

AGA Phoenix Chapter actively creates an avenue for membership to share ideas with each other, to share knowledge and time with the community, and to promote the advancement of government standards and accountability within the profession.

Our Mission

AGA Phoenix Chapter serves Arizona professionals in the government financial management community by providing quality, low-cost continuing education, promoting professional development and interaction among members, and fostering a commitment to community involvement as well as a sense of responsibility for advancing government accountability.

Our Goals

  • Provide high quality, low-cost continuing professional education to the membership and the government accounting community.
  • Promote the value of AGA membership in order to retain and expand membership.
  • Promote the value of the Certified Government Financial Management (CGFM) program.
  • Promote government financial management to schools and colleges and become spokespersons for the advancement of government accountability through quality course offerings to students.
  • Seek National AGA support for a consistent local web site format and the technical support necessary to provide a web base venue that the membership can use to research current information relating to the Phoenix chapter.
  • Promote networking among membership at chapter events.
  • Promote Executive Board membership in order to diversify our ideas and strengthen our focus.
  • Expand AGA membership throughout the state.