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Past Meeting Presentations

Citizen Centric Reporting June 2018

Citizen-Centric_Reporting June 2018

Budget and Higher Education June 2018

Accounting and Information Systems Presentation 5-9-2018

Why Focus ON Procurement? -April 11, 2018

Customer Service Presentation - February 14, 2018

NSF Audit Presentation -  January 10, 2018

Adaptive Planning - November 8th, 2017

Audit Simplified - September 13th, 2017

Anatomy of a Rate Increase - A Look into Pima County's Wastewater Rate Setting Process May 2017 Presentation

Profession Development Training Data Analytics & Visualization April 2017 Presentation

Business Etiquette February 2017 Joint AGA/IIA Presentation

Affordable Care Act Update February 2017 Joint AGA/IIA Presentation

Fraud - Internal Control Implications and Case Studies January 2017 Presentation

Uniform Guidance and its Impact on the Single Audit Process November 2016 Presentation

City of Tucson Finance: Governmental Accounting, Municipal Debt, and Bond Issuance Process October 2016 Presentation

Federal, State, and Regional Funding for Transportation September 2016 Presentation

Tech Park - Economic Development and Technical Innovation May 2016 Presentation

Major Trends in Government Accounting April 2016 Presentation

Louisiana's Unclaimed Property March 2016 Presentation 

Arizona State Treasury January 2016 Meeting Presentation

Government Accountability April 2015 Meeting Presentation

In the News Fraud in the Government Setting February 2015 Meeting Presentation

Governmental Procurement Fraud January 2015 Meeting Presentation

Single Audits November 2014 Meeting Presentation

Useful Audit Techniques October 2014 Meeting Presentation