President's Message

The Southern Arizona Chapter program year is well underway. We have had multiple Chapter luncheons where participants were able to advance their professional skills and earn CPE. Our first meeting focused on the audit process and was facilitated by a local auditor who is extremely knowledgeable and familiar with audit procedures and methods. At another event, we had the opportunity to have a group discussion that addressed trust and loyalty not only amongst friends and family, but also in the workplace.

In addition to the networking and professional development we have experienced this year, our Chapter is excited to welcome three new members. As a result of the additional members, the Southern Arizona Chapter continues to grow. We are excited to see the growth and hope to see continued expansion throughout the year.

Lastly, we are excited to announce that as part of our October luncheon, the Chapter held a fundraising event for Youth On Their Own (YOTO). Thanks to the generosity of our members, attendees, and our luncheon speakers, we raised over $100 in cash donations and in-kind gifts.

Thank you to everyone who has become a member, attended an event, or donated to YOTO this year on behalf of the Southern Arizona Chapter. The support you have provided ensures the continued success of our organization.

Thank you for your continued support!

Jennifer Brown, CPA

AGA Southern Arizona President

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