CGFM Certification

About CGFM Certification

The Mark of Excellence in Federal, State and Local Government. Since its inception in 1994, the CGFM has become the standard by which government financial management professionals are measured. Its education, experience and ethics requirements have served to elevate the most seasoned financial professionals.

More than 13,000 individuals have received the designation so far. Now it's your turn. Experience the benefits of certification first hand - the CGFM is the mark of excellence in your profession. We look forward to adding your name to our distinguished list of Certified Government Financial Managers.

7 Reason Why You should Pursue CGFM Designation
Increases your overall skills and knowledge of government accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, management and control.
Demonstrates your proficiency and commitment to the government sector.
Enhances your credibility and the overall credibility of the organization you represent.
Demonstrates your commitment to high ethical and professional standards.
Improves your opportunities for career advancement.
Provides you personal satisfaction of achievement.
Distinguishes you from your peers.

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