AGA St Louis Chapter

Who We Are

The Association of Government Accountants is the premier educational organization dedicated to the enhancement of public financial management. AGA serves the professional interest of accountability professionals, as well as private sector organizations, responsible for effectively using billions of dollars and other monetary resources every day. The Association serves the public through its constant efforts to improve accountability and disclosure and to enhance professionalism of public sector financial management, the individual members are professionals in various aspects of the field of public auditing, budgeting, evaluation and systems; representing the public, private and academic sector. AGA operates within a national/chapter structure. The national organization works to develop programs and services for members that are larger in scale and generally outside the scope of a local chapter. To learn more about the Association of Government Accountants, go to the AGA National website.

Our mission is…

to serve persons interested in the government accountability community by providing quality education at a reasonable cost, supporting professional certifications, promoting professional interaction and networking, recognizing professional and academic achievement, and serving the local community.

Our vision is to be...

the best AGA chapter;
the best organization serving the St. Louis area government accountability community; and
a model provider of quality and affordable continuing professional education.

We value…

Integrity .......... Foster the highest professional standards of ethical conduct and behavior.
Excellence ....... Strive for the highest level of professional performance and continuous improvement.
Accountability .. Maintain and advance sound fiscal and operational practices.
Leadership ...... Be proactive and innovative in directing our activities.
Respect ........... Treat everyone fairly and with dignity.
Service ............ Attend to the needs of our members, the government financial sector and community.

Our goals address…

Chapter Governance
Financial Stability
Continuing Professional Education
Membership Growth and Retention
Early Career Development
Community Service