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Emerging Government Leader

Purpose and Overview

  • Each year, the AGA Tallahassee Chapter will present one or more awards to recognize younger government financial managers for notable contributions toward excellence in financial management. It is anticipated that this recognition will encourage others to achieve early in their professional lives.
  • Individuals nominated must have between 5 – 10 years of experience within the government financial management industry.
  • Nominees need not be members of the AGA.
  • AGA Tallahassee Chapter Committees, individuals or government units may make nominations.
  • The AGA Tallahassee Chapter will formally recognize the recipient at a special awards ceremony during the Chapter’s June luncheon meeting.


I. Nominee Information
II. Criteria & Evaluation

The Chapter’s Awards Committee will use the following criteria to evaluate nominees. Therefore, nominations should describe in specific terms the work or contribution that justifies the nomination, including:

  1. How did the nominee demonstrate a commitment to government financial management?

  2. How did the nominee implement innovative techniques that were high impact and met a critical need?

  3. How did the nominee demonstrate the management skills to potentially be an outstanding leader?

  4. What results were achieved (e.g., savings, increased productivity, expanded services, system improvements)?

III. Nominator Information

Please provide email address and telephone in case we have questions about your nomination package and to notify you of the Awards Committee’s selection.


If you are representing a governmental unit or an AGA Tallahassee Chapter Committee, please name the entity and provide your title as authorized representative.

Entity Name: 
Your Title: 


  • Nominations must be received no later than May 17, 2019.
  • The award recipient and all award nominators will be notified of the Chapter Awards Committee’s decision no later than June 1, 2019.
  • The award recipient may be asked to provide biographical information, including education and employment highlights, to be used during the presentation.
  • Please ensure that your nomination includes all of the information requested. Each nomination should be submitted separately, please do not bundle multiple nominations into one package.
  • If you have questions, you may contact the Awards Committee Chair or any of the Chapter Officers at

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