DATA Act (Webinar)


2pm - 4pm (Sign in begins at 1:30pm)

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This webinar will explore the following questions:

  • The status of the Treasury's implementation efforts, including any planned updates to the data structure and the public website display.
  • Examples of application oriented projects being built out in the Treasury's Data Lab.
  • A discussion of internal management use cases for budget, procurement and grant making planning, and risk management.
  • A discussion of outstanding agency reporting issues to include data quality and completeness hurdles.
  • Examples of external user types and website traffic and bulk download utilization rates.
  • A preview of upcoming Inspector General audit methodology.
  • And forecast of the long term value proposition for expansion and linkage of the DATA Act Information Model Schema (DAIMS) into other areas of federal financial management and reporting.

Speaker Bio

Speaker:  Michelle Sager, Director Governmental Accountability Office (GAO)

Moderator:  Christian Hoehner, Senior Director of Policy Data Coalition

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