Infrastructure Financing With State and Local Government (Webinar)

2pm - 4pm (Sign in begins at 1:30pm)

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Local governments play a key role in funding, operating and maintaining infrastructure; however, governments are facing a serious infrastructure deficit and are struggling to find new ways to finance the needed expansions, upgrades and repairs. Meeting the infrastructure financing challenge has emerged as one of the most urgent issues facing the country. To bridge the financing gaps, local governments have turned to creative ways of financing public infrastructure investments. In this session we describe the range of local infrastructure financing mechanisms currently in use. Then we describe recent innovations in local infrastructure financing and illustrate these new options. We will encourage the audience to share their innovations. We also engage the audience in discussing some of the challenges in implementing these new alternatives.

Speaker Bio

Can Chen, Ph.D., assistant professor of public administration, Dept. of Public Administration, Florida International University

John Bartle, Ph.D., fellow, National Academy of Public Administration, dean of College of Public Affairs and Community Services, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Moderator: Kia Lor, PMP, CMP, meetings and CEAR Program manager

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