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Current Training Opportunities

In need of CPE, AGADC hosts a series of monthly luncheons featuring a prominent speaker to address current events, issues and initiatives that impact the Federal community. Attendees earn 1 hour of CPE credit. For a listing of the 2020-2021 luncheons, click here. In addition to the DC chapter, AGA National has an event calendar available, which provides a listing of events from all AGA local chapters as well as National.

  • Self-Learning with AGA:
    • AGA National is now offering online, on-demand training with access to a set of event recordings for CPE. Each session is self-paced and web-delivered, offering the same stimulating learning environment to help you maintain your continuous professional learning from anywhere and anytime!
    • AGA National is also offering the Journal CPE Online Quizzes

**Note: Not all continuing professional education (CPE) hours are not NASBA-certified, but they do qualify for the CGFM CPE requirements.

Important CPE Policy Updates 

The CGFM CPE policies have been updated to include a new requirement for ethics hours and a limitation on the number of hours related to taxation — these new changes are effective for all CPE cycles that start after 12/31/2020, see below for a summary of the effective changes.

Changes (effective for all CPE cycles that start after 12/31/2020):

  1. New requirement of 4 ethics hours per cycle – see Section 2 
  2. New limit of 20 hours in taxation per cycle – see Section 12 

Clarifications and additional details were added to the existing polices, including:

  • the role of PCB and Office of Professional Certification – see Section 1 and 11
  • hours not included in the first CPE cycle – see Section 2
  • no-carry over policy – see Section 5
  • grace period availability – see Section 6
  • types of individual study programs – see Section 10
  • CGFM program activities approved for CPE credit – see Section 10
  • shorter list of examples of topics and subjects – see Section 12
  • not counting programs that are less than 1 CPE – see Section 14
  • CPE credit for individual study programs – see Section 14

For a more detailed explanation of the policy changes, please click here.


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