As we enter our 72nd year of operations, the Chapter will continue to focus on providing attractive and affordable CPE opportunities for our members. Our program includes 8 monthly virtual training events that provide 1 hour of CPE per event. We are also partnering with the Northern Virginia Chapter on the March 2022 two-day Annual Training which will provide up to 16 hours of CPE. In addition, we are subsidizing the cost of 12 webinars presented by AGA National so that our members can earn 2 hours of CPE per webinar. Further, we will actively coordinate with other Chapters to make additional CPE opportunities available to our members.


We are trying to be responsive to requests from our members to roll out some in-person events. Given the evolving circumstances created by the pandemic, the challenges are fairly obvious. Our priority has been, and will continue to be, the safety of our members. Based on the current applicable Federal and local public health guidance, we have been able to hold some recent in-person events including the June happy hour, the July Chapter committee planning meeting, the August baseball outing, and the September kick-off dinner. We plan on holding additional networking events as conditions permit. We are also interested in making our luncheons and our Annual Training accessible in-person if we can. Stay tuned.


None of these activities would be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and volunteers. Please refer to this newsletter and to our website where we recognize each of the sponsors that promote our operations. This newsletter also includes a description of our various committees so if you’re interested in volunteering your time you can check that out and email your interest to Please also use that email address to communicate any ideas, questions or concerns you may have, and I will respond in kind.


Looking back over the history of this organization, it’s really an honor to serve as the Chapter’s 72nd President. Back in the ‘90’s I worked with the Chapter’s 12th President – Mr. Joe Hock. He was as humble and gracious as they come and you can see it from his President’s Column in the July 1962 newsletter which is posted on our website. In April 1960 Mr. Thomas Ryan joined our Chapter and he is our longest tenured Chapter member. And finally, a hats off to Mr. Jerry Murphy who served in 1973-74 and is our longest tenured Chapter President. The Chapter’s success is a direct reflection of the commitment of its members and I look forward to another great year ahead.


Al Pavot, President

September 13, 2021