Mentorship/Leadership Lunch and Learn - The Science Behind Effective Teams

KPMG is hosting a Lunch and Learn Event at their Washing DC office- The Science Behind Effective Teams.

Chemistry can serve as a basis for understanding team development and performance, or lack thereof. For this reason, people often use the word “chemistry” to describe an intangible, but positive effect on team performance.

Choosing team members is like choosing elements for a chemistry experiment—they are the basic building blocks. Assembling team members together in the right way—leveraging strengths—is like creating a balanced chemical equation. Monitoring how team members interact is like observing a chemical interaction, and measuring team results is like analyzing the results of a chemistry experiment. Specifically, participants will be able to accomplish the objectives below after attending this Leadership learning session:

  •          Explain how to choose team members to create a high performing team.
  •          Leverage the strengths of team members to maximize team performance.
  •          Implement strategies to promote positive interactions.
  •          Evaluate team processes and team results.
  •          Receive tips for how to build team chemistry when you “inherit” a team. 

Attendees can earn 2 CPEs. 

This event is hosted by KPMG and will take place at their Washington, DC office - 1801 K Street NW, Suite 12000, Washington, DC 20006.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a “Bring Your Own Lunch” session

Contact: Sharnell Montgomery

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