H.J. Steininger PLLC

H.J. Steininger PLLC is a newly formed Small Business dedicated to providing specialized accounting and management consulting services to senior leaders and executives in the public sector. The firm is staffed by distinguished professionals who have worked in senior executive positions in government and, throughout their careers, have focused on making government more transparent, efficient, and effective. All of our personnel are former public sector Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), C-Suite executives, senior partners from Big Four and other major management consultancies, and Professional Association Executives Directors each with over 30 years of experience. We have extensive relationships with leadership throughout government and industry and a first-hand understanding of the complex issues they face. Whether our clients’ focus is on enhancing effectiveness, increasing efficiency, complying with new standards, improving services to the public or remediating operational deficiencies, our firm is positioned to help executives meet their current goals as well as define new goals and set the agenda for the future. H.J. Steininger professionals have helped virtually every federal department successfully implement challenging programs and initiatives that require systemic, enterprise-wide integration and organizational change. The firm’s strategy is founded on providing memorable and effective client service delivered by outstanding people with an unmatched commitment to professional ethics and integrity. Additional Contact Information: VADM Lou Crenshaw USN (Ret.) Managing Director (571) 421-7622, Larry Goode Managing Director (571) 243-8728 Company Website: www.HJSpllc.com

Products/services offered

   ▪   Accounting
   ▪   Acquisition Management Support
   ▪   Analytics
   ▪   Audit Services
   ▪   Budget Formulation
   ▪   Budgeting
   ▪   Business Information Services
   ▪   Business Intelligence and Reporting
   ▪   Business Process Management
   ▪   Change Management
   ▪   Complementary Audit Services
   ▪   Complementary Financial Management Services
   ▪   Compliance Audits
   ▪   Consulting Services
   ▪   Customer Relationship Management
   ▪   Due Diligence & Support Services
   ▪   Enterprise Resource Planning/Implementation
   ▪   Financial Audits
   ▪   Financial Management Systems
   ▪   Financial Modeling
   ▪   Financial Reporting
   ▪   Financial Training Services
   ▪   Fixed Asset Management
   ▪   Grants Management Support Services
   ▪   Human Capital Management
   ▪   Independent Risk Analysis
   ▪   Information Systems Design/Integration
   ▪   Internal Controls
   ▪   IT Data Conversion Services
   ▪   Loan Servicing & Asset Management
   ▪   Outsourcing Activities for Financial Management
   ▪   Performance Audits
   ▪   Performance Management
   ▪   Policy and Procedure Documentation
   ▪   Privatization Support Services
   ▪   Processing Services
   ▪   Program and Project Management
   ▪   Program Financial Advisor
   ▪   Program Integration/Project Management
   ▪   Program Management Services
   ▪   Recovery Audits
   ▪   Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services
   ▪   Risk Management
   ▪   Security Analysis
   ▪   Strategic Planning
   ▪   Systems Analysis Services
   ▪   Systems Development Services
   ▪   Transportation Audits
   ▪   Treasury Management
   ▪   Valuation
   ▪   Workforce Training
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